Thursday, April 28, 2011

Great News - NFL teams will resume operations Friday morning. Let's have a Football contest to celebrate!

Ready for some of the best football news to come out in a while?  

The NFL has notified its clubs they can resume operations, including most off-season activities, beginning Friday at 8 a.m. ET.

According to a statement issued by the league, team officials may immediately contact players to advise them about the hours the facilities will be open for use, to schedule medical and rehabilitation sessions and to set up meetings with coaches.

The league likely will address the start of the 2011 League Year on Friday. That would encompass player transactions such as free-agent signings.

Ready for some more great football news?

Tri City Sports PL will be providing All About Cards with a box of their 2011 Auto's and Rookie's Graded Football, (to see information about this release follow this link) to do a STREET-break.  So one lucky person will be one of the first to rip into this new product at a soon-to-be-named location in the Los Angeles area that should be recognizable even to those who don’t live in California.

But wait...  some of you are saying, “That’s not fair, I don’t live in LA.   I want a chance to get something.”   Well Tri City Sports PL will also be providing All About Cards with a Hall of Fame Hand Signed Autograph that you could possibly win no matter where you live.  

More details about this give away will be provided after May 2nd.


  1. haha, I was totally in the "but I don't live near LA" frame of mind before I kept reading. On a side note, would it it be that hard for the product name to be grammatically correct:

    "Autos and Rookies" not "Auto's and Rookie's"

  2. The start of the new league year, and free agency, trades and other player transactions are expected to be released by the NFL today.

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