Friday, April 15, 2011

2011 Topps Opening Day Baseball Cards. An All About Cards Review

Everyone has their story of how they got into the hobby of collecting cards.  For most of us, it happened at a young age when we introduced to collecting by a parent or sibling.  2011 Topps Opening Day Baseball is a great way to start on a collector’s journey.   These cards concentrate on the heart of what gets collectors interested, cool looking cards with all of your favorite players.  At the same time, even seasoned collectors will appreciate what this set has to offer.

2011 Topps Opening Day Baseball Cards fall somewhere between fun cards and trading cards.   For purposes of our review, we will consider them fun cards.   The odds are the same by the pack or by the box.  A pack costs 99 cents or you can purchase a box of 36 packs.   The advantage of buying by the box over the individual packs is the box tends to provide little to no duplicates.  Let’s take a look at the cards we pulled from the box.

First from the base set

From the inserts
 Superstar Celebrations

 Spot the Error

 Toppstown Codes

 Presidential First Pitch


 Stadium Lights
Blue Border

Overall Look
If you like the look of 2011 Topps Series 1, you will feel the same about 2011 Opening Day because it is the same design, minus the foil flourishes around the players names. A classic look with a modern twist, informative backs, an important and often overlooked aspect of design, and a great color scheme.  The insert are fun.  Love the Mascot cards and Stadium Lights

Quality and Variety of Players
The Opening Day set is a third of the size of its big brother Series 1 & 2 at 220 cards, so you are getting the best of the best.   With the insert cards, Superstar Celebrations and once again the Mascots, there is more than enough to collect here.

Are these cards fun? 
They are lots of fun.   Glow in the dark Stadium Lights, Mascots, Spot the Error puzzle cards, Opening Day Stars, Toppstown Codes, all great cards.

Will you want to collect them all?
At only 220 base cards, the set is easy enough to obtain.   The rest of the cards are limited in number and easy enough to understand so it is very possible to put this set together inside of 50 to 60 packs making this a highly desirable product for budding set builders.

5 out of 5

This is the perfect introduction to collecting, excellent for set building.  Getting new collectors involved in the hobby can only be good.  2011 Topps Opening Day Baseball is a great way for those new to cards to embark on a lifetime of collecting.

Review box provided by Topps


  1. My only beef with Opening Day, and it only matters if you're collecting it AND the regular series, is that they reuse the photography from the regular Topps series.

    I collect Rangers cards, so I picked up a team set of Opening Day before I knew that, so now I've got all the same cards twice except some of them have an opening day logo.

    That said, it's a wonderful intro set for someone who ISN'T collecting the regular Topps set. The same wonderful (to me, some people seem to disagree) card design and photography are present, which makes them some of the most appealing cheap base cards in a few years. I also love the mascots and presidential pitch cards, which you can't get elsewhere.

  2. I haven't paid much attention to Opening Day before, but as I grow older and wiser, I see the purpose of this set. I have wondered why adults have bashed this product when it is made for kids and introductory collectors. When a lot of the products these days are for serious hit chasers, this product hits it right on the head for those not into the high-dollar product chase.
    I love the idea of glow in the dark lights and the mascot cards. They have a home in Opening Day. Save the more advanced characters for the flagship!