Tuesday, April 12, 2011

2011 Topps Heritage Baseball Hobby Box Break, another All About Cards SPEED-break™

We’ve been covering the release of 2011 Topps Heritage Baseball since December of 2010.  We’ve opened Blasters and Blisters and Packs.  We’ve kept you up on potential SSP’s, regular cards that people were trying to pass off as SP’s on eBay and gave you a complete list of all the error, variation and short print cards.   So what’s left?

How about a SPEED-break

Watch this box break now.  Our review of 2011 Topps Heritage will be up later in the week.

Direct Link to the Video


  1. I love the speed breaks as I usually end up watching them @ work!

  2. Another great video... this is a great product... Heritage always is. My favorite card is the Jackie Robinson. Congratulations!