Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What does it take to become a professional athlete? When mad skilz are not enough. An amazing video.

We've all experienced watching a football game and seeing a particularly bad performance from an individual athlete and thought "This guy is awful. There's got to be someone better on the bench?" Sometimes it seems like guys who have don't have the basic skills to play the game get through to the next level, while other guys who can really play the game have to watch from the sidelines.

In a video that is a cross between the Michael Vick's Powerade commercial and the best of the Beer Pong trick shots videos, here is Johnny McEntee, a quarterback for the UConn Football team, showing off some incredible precision passing.  As you watch this, keep in mind that McEntee is a third string quarterback and has only seen the playing field once in two years, late in a blowout game, and only to hand off the ball for a few running plays.  Makes you wonder what it will take to give this guy a shot at some passing.

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