Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A must see, amazing video on the sports card manufacturing process and adding relics to a card by Panini

This is one amazingly cool card.  I'm sure most of you would agreed.  Yes... for some of you the thought is unbearable (see what I did there) that the two pieces of relics you see on this card came from a full sized article of clothing, and not only were they of some monetary value, but of historical significance too.

Now I have a few friends who have chosen a Vegan lifestyle and I certainly respect them for it.  I think in the true sense of the American Way, everyone should have the right to their pursuit of happiness.  If that means molding tofu in the shape of a turkey for Thanksgiving or grilling up some garden burgers makes you happy, have at it.  That's not me.  I likes me my steak.

Everyone once in a while my tolerance gets tested as one of my friends will do something I feel crosses the line.  They will send me the latest video from a PETA uncover investigation into the cruelty to chickens or cows that includes raw video of the "processing" of the meat.  Something I don't need to see and something that wont make me stop eating things medium rare.

So for those of you who feel that card companies should preserve Jerseys and hats or whatever stuff they decide belongs on a card instead of giving away tiny swatches of it to collectors, the video below is not for you.  If you feel this way, perhaps we should refer to you as memorabilians or artifactans, I am doing you a favor that my own friends wont do for me by telling you, "DO NOT START THIS VIDEO."   It contains graphic scenes of one of Bear Bryant's Famous Houndstooth Hat being helplessly chopped into hundreds of pieces.  AVERT YOUR EYES!

For the rest of us, this is one of the coolest videos I've ever scene about the sports cards manufacturing process.  It is a must see and, of course, it's brought to us by The Knight's Lance and the good people over at Panini.  I have watched this several times now and it still holds up.   After the video, use the link to Panini's site to get even more info.

Link to Panini  -  Houndstooth Hat Trick: Turning a Classic Bear Bryant Collectible Into 100 of Them

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