Sunday, February 13, 2011

Update on our newest contest

I've heard you loud and clear  Thank you for responding.  It seems to be split down the middle between getting your own blaster and having us provide a virtual one for you.  Someone, I believe Play at the Plate, mentioned that 4 rack packs was a better deal than a blaster.  Oddly enough I'll be doing a post on "blaster vs 4 rack packs" in a post set to release this week.  But for our purposes and the cards we need out of the blaster, base cards only, 4 rack packs is too good a deal.

So to keep things even and to allow anyone who wants to play a chance to get in, I'll be providing "virtual blasters."  If after hearing the rules of the game, some of you WANT to provide your own blaster to play with, I might consider allowing it, but don't hold me to it.  Either way, it shouldn't affect game play too much but having the cards in hand will probably help in making game play decisions.  More on this when I release the rules of the game, which I am just finalizing now.

A small hint, its kind of a hybrid of a few types of games all rolled into one ultimate Sports Card game.   I've seen a few out there and think (and hope) this one is different, and hopefully it will be fun.   Luck does come into play to determine the winner, but that luck is tempered by a certain amount of pre game decision making and day to day maintenance.  That's all I'm going to say for now.

My goal is to have the rules published by the end of this week and give you a few days to decide if you want to play.  Then I'll release the "virtual blasters" so you have time to develop a strategy in time for the first game, on February 25th.   I anticipate a maximum of 30 players (just so I can actually manage the game without going crazy) so look for the rules announcement and your chance to sign up sometime this week