Saturday, December 4, 2010

Derek Jeter and New York Yankees close to a deal

I almost wrote about this on Thanksgiving, but the spirit of the holiday kept me from being negative.  The resigning of Derek Jeter has been a source of consternation for fans.  Mock up photos of Jeter in Red Sox and Angels uniforms did not help the situation.  There was anger at the Yankees for not just giving the “franchise” what he wanted to keep him on the team.  There was anger towards Jeter’s agent for pushing for a ridiculous amount of money considering Jeter’s age, 36, and declining numbers.  From a purely statistical point, Jeter is not worth what he used to be.

Now it appears that Derek Jeter, or should we say his agent who seems to be driving this engine, is on the verge of agreeing to a three-year contract that will pay him in the range of $45 million to $51 million. The deal will probably include an option for a fourth year too.  It is expected that it will all be resolved and signed by Sunday evening.

Yes, Jeter will take a pay cut of $6 million a year, but he will still remain the highest-paid shortstop in baseball. In turn, The Yankees will give him more than the three years and $45 million they initially offered, but it will be far less than Jeter was asking.

Ultimately, if Jeter retires a Yankee, it will increase his post career value.  In the end, its what fans wanted and secretly what both the Yankees and Jeter wanted.  I think Jeter’s agent could care less; money is the motivator for agents, bigger deal, bigger commission.

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