Monday, November 29, 2010

Topps announces their 2010 All-Star Rookie Team, but did they choose wisely?

Starting back in 1959, Topps selected one rookie in each baseball position in addition to a left handed, right handed and relief pitcher to form a Rookie All-Star team.  Then rookie, Willie McCovey was selected to the first team.  They’ve continued this tradition each year with Hall of Fame players like Joe Morgan,  Rod Carew, Tom Seaver, Johnny Bench, Andre Dawson and Ozzie Smith making the cut.  Here is their selection for the 2010 Topps Rookie All-Star team:
1B: Gaby Sanchez, Florida Marlins
2B: Neil Walker, Pittsburgh Pirates
3B: Danny Valencia, Minnesota Twins
SS: Starlin Castro, Chicago Cubs
OF: Austin Jackson, Detroit Tigers
 OF: Mike Stanton, Florida Marlins
OF: Jason Heyward, Atlanta Braves
C: Buster Posey, San Francisco Giants
RHP: Stephen Strasburg, Washington Nationals
LHP: Jaime Garcia, St. Louis Cardinals
RP: Neftali Feliz, Texas Rangers

OK Topps.  I know this is your list, but I've got a problem with it.

Let's take the obvious players out of the discusion.  No one should have a problem with Sanchez, Walker, Valencia, Jackson, Heyward, Posey, Garcia, or Feliz.  That leaves Castro, Stanton, and Strasburg.

On second thought, I'll concede Castro.  But what about Stanton?  Anyone think that should have been Brennan Boesch?  But even on that one, I could go either way.

The one that troubles me is the most hyped player in quite a while, Strasburg.  I know...  I know... he had an amazing start, set some records early and looked like he could actually come close to living up to the hype.  I know that he was a huge boost to card collecting at the beginning of the year.   But he pitched in a total of 12 games, 68 innings of work all together.  Can you think of another Right Handed Rookie Pitcher for this spot?  How about Wade Davis?  His performance this year was good enough to earn 11 out of a potential 28 votes on the Rookie of the Year balloting.  Yes, against a healthy Strasburg it would be no match, but the point is Strasburg wasn't healthy.

For your sake, and for card collecting, I hope you're right, that Strasburg rebounds and values/demand rebounds with it.  But if it doesn't, I think you just might have overlooked a really good player.

What do you think?


  1. Agree, it questions the integrity of the set. It's like they have to have Strasburg in there.

  2. Who do you think was more "hurt" by the Strasburg injury? The Nats, Strasburg himself, or Topps? I'd wager that the execs over at Topps dropped a few choice words when he got hurt.

    I said all that to're right. Davis would have been a better choice.

  3. I agree with you and Play at the Plate...
    I am not surprised, but as a Wade Davis fan, I am a little bummed. There were quite a few RHP who contributed more than Stras did, but we do have to remember it is the TOPPS All Rookie Team. They can choose whoever the heck they want regardless...