Thursday, June 14, 2018

David Ortiz Comes Out Of Retirement To Join A New Team… The Topps Team

Topps announced this morning that “Big Papi” David Ortiz will assume duties in a new role with the company as a spokesperson and TOPPS NOW lead scout. In this role, Ortiz will work with the Topps team in picking the best moments of the Major League Baseball season and support Topps’ initiatives throughout the year, including National Baseball Card Day, which is held on the second Saturday in August.
“The TOPPS NOW program is fun to work on with all the top moments captured on a card every day,” Ortiz said. “Baseball cards have been a part of my and my family’s life for a long time. I’m excited to work with Topps.”

Topps tapped Ortiz for this role stating he “was a perfect candidate for the TOPPS NOW lead scout. With his view of the game as one of the top sluggers in history, and baseball broadcast commentator, Ortiz has a way of seeing the game with a different lens. His love of baseball runs deep – and so do his friendships. He’s able to provide a bevy of insight that can’t be matched.”

Clearly a major consideration in teaming with Ortiz was his fun loving personality that matches well with their current push to keep collecting fun, as can be seen is this promotional video announcing Ortiz’s new role with Topps. 

“David Ortiz is a fun, baseball-loving person. He fits right in with the personalities at Topps with their shared passion for the game,” said David Leiner, Topps Global General Manager of Sports & Entertainment. “We’re looking forward to our collaboration with David with him spreading the word about creating lasting memories through collecting trading cards.”

TOPPS NOW baseball cards, which are only available on, celebrate the greatest moments and milestones from the MLB season. The physical cards are available to purchase the very next day through, but for just 24 hours, and will not be available again. Only the number of cards ordered during that 24-hour window are printed.

TOPPS NOW has featured the Chicago Cubs and Houston Astros winning the World Series; Ichiro, Adrian Beltre and Albert Pujols getting their respective 3,000th career MLB hits; and rookie debuts, including Shohei Ohtani, Aaron Judge, Ronald Acuña Jr., and more.

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  1. Very cool. Considering he's the lead scout... maybe Topps will finally cut down on NY Yankees Topps Now cards ;)