Monday, April 23, 2018

All Time Players by Position Autograph Baseball Cards

So Zippy Zappy over at Torren’ Up Cards has a Blog Bat Around going on that is intriguing. Everyone has their favorites when it comes to All Time teams but what happens when you throw in the requirement that you must have an autograph of the player?

I’m jumping in with my All Time Autograph Team and setting some of my own ground rules.

1 - Even though my Yankees collection of autographs is vast, I’ve got to mix it up a bit, so I will have 2 autographs per position, with the exception of one of those positions.

2 - While Zippy Zappy doesn’t care what you have the autograph on or how you got it, I’m going to limit myself to On-Card Certified Autographs.

It’s tough to talk about the greatest catchers of all time and not include these two. I have a special appreciation for the catcher position as my daughter is an All-Star softball catcher. I know how difficult and crucial this position is to the success of a team.  Yogi Berra's autograph is on his 1999 Upper Deck Century Legends card and Johnny Bench is on his 2011 Topps Tier One card.

First Base
This is a classic example of autographs dictating the player selection. Some other players are available and on my eventual pick up list, some of the greats are only available as cut autos. All the same, McCovey and Killebrew were excellent at the position. Both appear on their 1999 Upper Deck Century Legends cards. I could have gone with Chris Chambliss but that would have been a sentimental pick.
Second Base
Pretty much the same situation as my First Base choices. Willie Randolph would have been a sentimental pick too. The cards are Roberto Alomar’s 2017 Topps Definitive and Ryne Sandberg is his 2017 Bowman Draft card.

These are solid choices. Both cards are from 2017 Topps Transcendent, which we covered quite a bit, part of the reason I grew to appreciate and then acquire these cards.

Third Base
Again, two solid choices and while Graig Nettles always comes to mind when I think of third base, these two are the best of the best. Schmidt is from 2014 Topps Finest and Brooks Robinson is 2002 Topps Super Teams.

Left Field
Iconic Left Field includes Yaz and Pops. The cards are Yaz from 2001 Topps Team Legends and Pops is 2000 Upper Deck Legends

Center Field
One name, that’s it. The Say Hey Kid would track me down if I included anyone else. My apologies to DiMaggio, Mantle, and Griffey Jr., but that’s just the way it has got to be.

Right Field
Sorry Reggie, while I will never forget the 3 home runs in the World Series, your fights with Billy Martin and anyone else near you, I have to give the second spot to Frank. Hank Aaron is another recent pick up, his 2017 Topps Transcendent Party autograph card. Frank Robinson is on his 2017 Topps Diamond Icons card.

Designated Hitter
If you are going to have Pops, you have to have Big Papi, and if you are talking DH you also need to include perhaps the greatest at that position, the other Papi. David Ortiz is from 2016 Topps Tribute and Edgar Martinez is from 2013 Topps Five Star.

Left Handed Starting Pitcher
When you talk about left handed pitchers can you do it without bringing up Koufax? I doubt it. And it doesn’t matter what side Randy Johnson pitched from, he was half way to the plate by the time he released the ball. Sandy Koufax is his 2014 Topps Finest Rookie Reprint Redemption auto, Randy Johnson is his 2017 Bowman Draft card.

Right Handed Starting Pitcher
So many pitchers but these two leap out at me. Nolan Ryan is on his 2001 Donruss Recollection Collection and Bob Gibson is on his 2001 Topps Finest Moments.

Relief Pitcher
Pitchers use to complete games, not so much anymore. It makes sense that my two relief pitchers are from recent times. It is impossible to talk relief without bringing up Mo. Trevor Hoffman is right behind him. Rivera is his 2017 Topps Transcendent card and Trevor Hoffman is his 1996 Leaf Signature Series card.

All of these cards tie into several Micro collections I'll be sharing with you some time soon.  Make sure to check back to see many more autograph cards from my collection.


  1. Huge names! Hard to argue with any picks. Jealous of the Jeter.

  2. Great roster! 1999 Epic Signatures autos are beautiful! There are a few cards on this team that I'll be using on mine.

  3. WOOF, this is basically the superteam that has a hall of famer at every position lol. Incredible. Simply incredible.

  4. Man, I think you win. Hard to imagine anyone with a more impressive auto lineup than that.