Thursday, August 4, 2016

2016 Topps Baseball Complete Set Box Recap and Review

Even if you open packs, having a completed base set in a clearly marked box is a great convenience. Since factory sets have been put together I have been collecting these. No inserts but a complete cardboard record of the history of baseball. As with prior years, the 2016 Topps Baseball Complete set will come in a variety of "flavors" with different incentives depending on where you look.

This set includes 5 numbered parallel cards of the base set numbered to 177 each and they can only be found within these containers. With this year's set consisting of 700 cards, simple math tells you there are just shy of 25,000 of these boxes available.  
They appear with a textured silver foiled finish on the front with numbering while the backs are identical in appearance to their base set counterparts.

 There is also a great complete set checklist on the bottom of the box, card 1 to 701. And before you start to question it, the number 7 card has been retired, most likely in honor of their long association with Mickey Mantle.

Review box provided by Topps.

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