Wednesday, July 15, 2015

2015 Topps Stadium Club Baseball Box Break Recap and Review

For the modern card collector, the foundation of what started the hobby, the base card, can often times be overlooked. All one has to do is watch box or even case breaks and the breaker rushes through the cards to get to the hits, only to sort the base cards later, perhaps even give the option to skip them all together.  The base cards are simply ignored. 

With 2015 Topps Stadium Club Baseball it is impossible to ignore the base cards. They are stunning. Largely due to the photography as that is more prevalent than with any other card, these full bleed cards with little enhancement pop as you look at them. Kind of like the best type of cooking, with the photo as the star there is little need for embellishment. 

But you wont get short changed on the hits either. Fully realized on-card autographs and the return of Lone Star Autographs provide plenty for hit seekers.  All of this will make set builders very happy as well as those looking to pull a great auto.

Stadium Club falls under our premium cards category with each master box containing18 packs with 8 cards per pack and two on-card autograph card per box.

Here are some of the cards we found in our box.

Base Set
Mike Trout, front and back
Ken Griffey Jr., Kris Bryant, Mariano Rivera
 Bo Jackson, Zach Britton, Chris Sale
 Joe Panik, Seth Smith, Jason deGrom
 Jackie Robinson, Brooks Robinson, Stan Musial
 Cal Riken Jr., Joey Votto
 Brandon Crawford, Frank Robinson
 Hunter Pence, Craig Kimbrel
 Juan Lagares, George Springer

Base Parallel

Gold Foil
 Rondell White, Joc Pederson, Juan Gonzalez
 Roberto Alomar, Matt Barnes

Black Foil
 Ryan Braun, Jimmy Rollins


Die Cuts
Willie Mays Legends, Starling Marte Luminescent

Contact Sheet
Anthony Rizzo, Jose Bautista

True Colors
Luis Gonzalez

Crystal Ball
George Springer #/70

The Hits

On Card Autos
Christian Walker, Christian Yellich

Overall Look
These are some of the best looking cards by far. Stunning photography with a variety of looks, minimal accents and great backs make this a dream set for set builders. All on-card autograph hits are great too.

Quality and Variety of Players?
This certainly carries some of the best names in the game, at least when it comes to base cards and hits. There seems to be a majority of players who signed that would be considered 'hope for a brighter future" type autographs but a few names stand out for base autos and the Lone Star autos and buyback autos push it over the top.

Do the Hits Satisfy?
The right ones, of course. But there are enough promising autos though out to make this an easy purchase.

Will you keep coming back for more?
This is one that will compel you to come back for more.

4 1/2 out of 5 

2015 Topps Stadium Club is a premium product done right.

Review box provided by Topps.


  1. Great post. You're totally right... base cards definitely don't carry the same weight as they used to with many collectors (including myself). It's not that I don't appreciate them. I still build the regular issue Topps set and I just purchased this Stadium Club base set... but with things like parallels, inserts, memorabilia cards, and autographs... the base card has gotten watered down percentage wise in my collection.

  2. Oh, I didn't realize that they brought back the Crystal Ball insert! It looks like they took full advantage of modern technology, it looks really cool.