Sunday, March 1, 2015

Topps Heritage Real One Autograph Cards are the focus of Signature Sunday

It’s late, but it’s still Sunday here and we are getting this Signature Sunday post just under the wire.. This week 2015 Topps Heritage Baseball releases. Rather than wait for next Sunday when the cards are live. we’ve decided to look at previous Heritage cards for one of our favorites, Real One Autographs.
So let's take a look at some of these autographs.

The first thing about Heritage Real One Autographs that is worthy of mentioning is they are all on-card autos. Combine that with a card stock that holds the signature well , that seems to last over time and you’ve got a great autograph card to collect. 
The other added bonus is these are from a middle range product so prices on these autos make them very attainable for most people.

The checklist here is another bonus. There are some big names that sign here, and not so big names, and older names that you may not have heard of and newer names too so there is plenty of variety, petty to collect.
In general, the autographs come in two version, blue ink that is not numbered and red ink that is numbered to the year the Heritage set is based on. For the 2015 release that means numbering to #/66.

Prices on these cards vary wildly so it would be difficult to give them a range here. In general, these autos price out at just slightly above middle range for the players featured.
To check out availability and pricing for any card you may be interested in, use this link to head to eBay. You will be directed to all the Real One Autos that are currently up for auction.

And that's our Signature Sunday cards for this week.

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