Friday, January 30, 2015

Puppy Bowl Trading Cards

It’s Free Dress Friday here on All About Cards. That means anything goes. With this huge sports weekend just about to start we would be remiss if we didn’t share with you cards of some of the biggest names to be taking the field this weekend. Names like Bubba, Freckles and Mr. Fantastic. Of course we are talking about Puppy Bowl XI. Seen by 13.5 Million viewers, this canine contest has withstood the test of time. 
It's no small production. The Puppy Bowl uses 17 cameras, including the now famous water bowl cam to put viewers right into the action. Over 90 hours of footage is shot during two days of production. On the field there is a rotation of 95 rescue puppies between 12 and 21 weeks old, 21 kittens, 5 goats and 5 hamsters. There’s even an up to the minute Twitter feed run by a bird named Meep. There is also a Puppy Bowl Fantasy Game that you can play.

The main goal, besides providing cuteness overload, is to bring awareness to pet adoption through animal shelters. It’s impossible to accurately measure the impact this show has had but without a doubt untold fabulous pets have been placed in permanent homes thanks to the Puppy Bowl.

With all that goes into the making of the Puppy Bowl and the amount of fans that watch, how on earth are there no Puppy Bowl trading cards? It’s not such a far fetched idea. especially with this year’s introduction of two opposing teams, Ruff vs. Fluff.

That’s were we come in. Always looking to help collectors, we have created the complete unauthorized 2015 Puppy Bowl XI trading cards, at least digitally. The set comes includes base cards, SP variations, inserts and autograph cards. Enjoy this sampling for now.

Base Cards
(Information on the cards
Age & Breed

Team Ruff
 Faulkner - Wants to be on Dancing with the Stars
Lewis - Can name every state capital
Kiaria - Loves car rides.
Falcor - Has a crush on Miley Cyrus
Boomer - Champion chess player
Titan - Fluent in English, Spanish and Japanese.

Team Fluff
 Savannah - Thinks Lorde is overrated
Pepper - Can't wait for the new Star Wars movie! 
Maggie - Was first in line to buy the new iPhone. 
 Aaron - Trained at the Royal Shakespeare Company
 Chicklet - Wants to visit all 50 states
 Drew Carey - Loves to bid $1 on The Price is Right.

SP variation
If other sets can have a Rally Squirrel, why can’t this set have a Flying Hamster?

Inserts  - In Action
Referee Dan Schachner
Keeping a close eye on the field for excessive cuteness.
Did not know where he was supposed to be during this crucial play. 
His excuse - couldn't study because he ate his playbook.
Izzy & Marley
Izzy seems unruffled by Marley's illegal use of the paws.
Nigerian Dwarf Goat Cheerleaders
Yes... you read that correctly.
Meep the Bird

Katty Furry Purrfect Penmanship Certified Paw Print

Who knows, maybe this idea will catch on and we will see actual collectable cards next year.

Hope you enjoyed this. Make sure you come back next Free Dress Friday for more anything goes trading cards.

note - all images, logos and screen captures used in the making of these virtual cards came from the Animal Planet website. Photo credits belong to Keith Barraclough/DCL, Animal Planet and Puppy Bowl XI.


  1. Nice work!
    I've got a grand on Fluff covering the spread.

  2. This could work- especially if sales of the proverbial real cards kicked back some to the shelters. I'd buy them!