Sunday, January 18, 2015

I Did NOT Get Nominated For A 2014 Bip Award


I did NOT get nominated?

You're telling me you guys didn't understand by “asking” you “not vote for me” it was actually a cry for some recognition? When you’re at a restaurant and the person you’re with offers to pay for the whole meal, you might say “No… no… no… you can’t do that, let me pay" but do you REALLY want them to hand you the bill?!?!?  OF COURSE NOT!!!

I can’t BELIEVE you guys DIDN’T nominate me!!!

OK. Actually I can.

The nominations for all the categories of the 2014 Bip Awards are out and there are some excellent choices. You can find them over at A Cardboard Problem using this link.

And while you are there, make sure to vote!!!

You have until January 31 at midnight ET. The winners will be announced on Feb 2.

And don’t be confused, The above rant was just a joke. Really… I’m not worthy. At least this year. I’m working on being worthy enough for next year’s awards.

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  1. Don't feel too bad, I nominated myself and didn't even make the official nomination.