Thursday, September 18, 2014

Koufax deGrom And Vargas Are The 2014 Topps Finest Autographed Rookie Redemption Cards

If you watched our video box break of 2014 Topps Finest Baseball you saw that in addition to pulling the promised one autograph per mini box we pulled a special Rookie Autograph Redemption card, redeemable for an exclusive autographed card. But until now, the subjects of these redemption cards were unknown. Topps has just announced the three Redemption subjects, with one special inclusion.

Rookie Redemption 1 – Sandy Koufax

Rookie Redemption 2 – Jacob deGrom

Rookie Redemption 3 – Kennys Vargas

Sandy Koufax’s Autographed Rookie Redemption card commemorates the upcoming 60th Anniversary of his 1955 Topps Rookie Card. Topps Baseball Brand Manager Zvee Geffen gave the company's reason for using Koufax instead of another rookie from this year. “As Koufax is commonly regarded as one of the best pitchers in baseball history, we wanted to celebrate the 60th anniversary of his rookie card by recreating it on modern day chrome technology.”

deGrom, a leading contender for NL Rookie of the Year, is coming off a start in which he tied the modern-day MLB record for most consecutive strikeouts to begin a game.

Vargas got off to a torrid start in his first month in the Majors, racking up 38 hits and driving in 24 runs, bettered only by legendary slugger, Joe DiMaggio, in his rookie year.

Now the only mystery that remains is will Koufax himself go retro and sign his name 'Sanford Koufax" as he did back in 1955.

Topps Finest Baseball is in stores now.

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