Friday, January 3, 2014

The Quick And Easy Way To Find Out If You Have Just Pulled A 2013 Panini Contenders Football SP Rookie Ticket Autograph Card

Today is the release day for 2013 Panini Contenders Football cards.  We’ve received quite a few questions from collectors, all asking for ways to identify the coveted Short Print Versions of the Rookie Ticket Autos.  While it might have been tricky in the past, this year Panini has made it rather simple to identify these SPs.  They even released the information on their blog, The Knight’s Lance between Christmas and New Years.

The key to finding the SPs is in the stars, or rather the absence of them.  On the back of the standard, non- SP Autographs Rookie  Tickets, surrounding the team helmet on the left side of the card, there are 4 stars.   If you find a card that has NO STARS around the team helmet, you are holding one of the SPs. 

Here is an example with Cordarrelle Patterson’s standard Rookie Ticket auto on the left and the SP version on the right.

But the stars are not the only thing that separates these cards, by looking at the fronts of the cards it is easy to tell that the SPs also offer a photo variation.

When the complete list of SPs becomes availble we will be sure to let you know.  For now you can use this link to check out a comprehensive look at the cards that can be found inside this year’s Contenders Football and the post that originally broke the news about IDing the SPs.

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  1. Umm why not just put an SP before the # or is that to easy?????? different picture never helps if your looking at one of each, and the stars seems a little confusing wouldn't one think more stars would be special not common? Oh well happy hunting.