Tuesday, November 19, 2013

2014 Topps Archives Baseball To Include 60 Days Of Bounty Prizes

To celebrate the launch of 2014 Topps Archives Baseball, Topps will be digging deep into its archives to look for unique and valuable prizes to give to collectors.  The prizes will include exclusive cards, vintage cards, uncut sheets, autographed memorabilia, Topps gear, unique Major League cards and items, and other pop culture treasures.  

Here is a short summary of how the 2014 Archives Bounty program will work:

-Upon the release of Archives Baseball, Topps will announce a bounty on a card that is in 2014 Topps Archives baseball and the unique prize for that bounty.

-The announcement will be made on Topps Facebook and Twitter.

-Collectors will need to find the card, take a picture of themselves with the item and post it to Topps Facebook page.

-One collector will be randomly chosen to win the Bounty Prize of the day

-More Details on how the program will work will be announced in the future

The Bounty will go on for a full 60 days in homage to the 25 year and 35 year anniversaries of the movies, Major League and The Warriors, that Topps will be highlighting in 2014 Archives.

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