Tuesday, November 5, 2013

2013 Topps Triple Threads Baseball Box Break Recap and Review

Right away you can see a design change for 2013 Topps Triple Threads Baseball but the contents have remained relatively unchanged.  Most collectors will appreciate that, as Triple Thread has become the goto Premium Baseball card offering with the widest range of appeal.

Topps Triple Threads Baseball falls under our premium cards category.  Each master display box contains two mini boxes with 7 cards per mini. Every mini-box contains an autographed relic and relic card, one of which is a triple relic.

Here are all of the cards we pulled from our box.

Base Set

Jose Bautista, front and back
 Nolan Ryan, Joe DiMaggio
 Albert Belle, Pablo Sandoval, Andrew McCutchen

Base Parallels
 Mike Schmidt Amber #/125, front and back
 Ryan Howard Emerald #/250
 Justin Upton Amethyst #/650, Jose Reyes Amethyst #/650

The Hits

Reggie Jackson Legends "Mister October" #/36 
 Norichka Aoki Unity Jumbo Sapphire #/3

Autograph Relics
 Johnny Cueto Unity Auto Jumbo Relic #/99

Shelby Miller Triple Threads Auto Relic "Future St Louis Cardinals Ace" White Whale Printing Plate 1/1 

Overall Look
I have not been the biggest fan of the base card design in the past, but this year, for the most part, I like the look.  There is some nice bordering with etched foil accents but oddly enough, it feels a little to framed.   It feels almost like the photos have been cut off in some places.  This is a minor point from a design level as everything else about the base cards look great.  The use of corresponding color on the backs of the parallels, base and hits, is a nice touch too. As usual, the hit cards are a familiar and solid design.

Quality and Variety of Players
The majority of the checklist is high quality and in line with the feel of Triple Threads from years past.

Do the Hits satisfy?
There are plenty of collection making hits to be found here.  Short of the monster hits, there are still plenty of solid player hits to be pulled.

Will you keep coming back for more?
For some collectors, this is a special occasion box, one that they look forward to each year and for collectors with deep products, a case is an easy purchase.  For those in the middle, this would be an excellent release for a multi box purchase.

4 1/2 out of 5

2013 Topps Triple Threads Baseball delivers again this year.

Review box provided by Topps


  1. Nice cards ! Are you interested in trading/selling the Albert Belle ? I would also like one of the empty mini-boxes, for my wrapper collection, if you still have them !

  2. Some of these boxes are ridiculous and some are duds. Congrats.

  3. Great box break. Congratulations on pulling the printing plate. I'm way too frugal to ever purchase a box of TTT or any high end product for that matter. But it's nice to see everyone else's pulls.