Saturday, July 27, 2013

2013 Press Pass RedLine NASCAR Racing Box Break Recap And Review

Don’t judge a book by its cover.

At first glace, 2013 Press Pass RedLine NASCAR Racing appears to be scaled down from last year.  Gone is the gorgeous tin box presentation, replaced by a rather ordinary black cardboard box.  But open that simple box and you quickly see that these cards still shine.

In what might be their best premium release of the year from design, execution and delivery of value, RedLine has it all. This year might even better than last year with stunning base cards and relic cards that rival the signatures found within.  There is no question, Press Pass does racing right.

Press Pass RedLine falls into our premium cards category.  Each hobby box contains  2- 10 card packs with one memorabilia and one autograph card in each pack.

Here are of the cards we pulled.

Base set

 Dale Earnhardt Jr., front and back
Kyle Busch, Justin Allgaier, Matt Kenseth  
Jamie McMurray, Jamie McMurray, Michael Waltrip 
 Kevin Harvick, Marcos Ambrose, Marcos Ambrose

 Base Set Parallels
 Travis Pastrana #/99, Kurt Busch #/99


  Dale Earnhardt Jr., Kevin Harvick

 Danica Patrick

Kevin Harvick

The Hits

Jeff Gordon Relics #/5,  Kevin Harvick Pieces of the Action #/50, Brad Keselowski V8 #/25
Denny Hamlin Redline Signatures Auto #/15, Ryan Newman Redline Relics Autograph #/95 

Overall Look
This year’s base cards push the use of the color black as its main component even further for a stellar look.  Smart use of Spot UV and red foil accents with just enough white smoke background to make the player photos pop makes for a stunning result.  The inserts are sharp too but the hits what sell this product and the cards speak for themselves.  Once again Press Pass was able to prevent the dark edges of these cards from chipping when other card companies seem to always have that problem, an impressive feat.  There also seems to be an upgrade in the materials used for the relic cards.  From a design level I liked last year’s big hit, the RedLine Relics Signature, but this edition seems to fit the overall them a little better. 

Quality And Variety Of Drivers
Gone from this year’s checklist are the car owners and crewmembers but with such a strong lineup of NASCAR drivers racing fans will still be very happy.

Do the Hits satisfy?
In a surprising turn, the relics have risen to match the autographs in term of desirability.  The Keselowski V8 has detailing in the tire swatches that might not be visible in the scan of the card, but clearly indicates a conscious decision in the layout, making it feel more purposeful rather than just an assembly line production. The autographs hold up just as well this year.

Will you keep coming back for more?
Most definitely.  This is a product that you will want to open time and time again.

5 out of 5

2013 Press Pass RedLine NASCAR Racing still holds strong and should give Showcase a run for its money as the best premium Racing product of the year.

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