Friday, February 1, 2013

Free Sport Pool Grid For The Super Bowl Or A Football Game On Any Given Sunday

Who wants to break out their straight edge ruler and pen just to put together a Sports Pool Grid?  That's so primitive.  How about a PDF with a grid already good to go for Sunday's Super Bowl.  No Fuss, no muss.  Just click on the picture to get to the PDF.
I know I'll be using this grid at my Super Bowl party.  Two of them to be precise.  One for my friends and office co-workers.  The other for the good folks that read this blog, or follow us on Twitter, or like us on Facebook.  Yeah, you read that right.  Anyone who follows us in one of those three places and leaves us their prediction for the final score of the game will get a square on our Blog Pool for free, gratis, or any other synonym or language you want to use for "we are giving them away."

Do that and you could wind up with some cool cards from any of these boxes provided to us by Panini America.
Or even some of these Panini exclusives that you can only find at their booth, right now, in NOLA.

Here's a link to our previous post with more details on how and where you can leave your predictions.

Just make sure you complete steps 1 and 2.  We will have more information on how you can catch our live halftime show to should be posted by Saturday Afternoon so please check back then,  And if you don't want your shot at any cards, please enjoy this pre-made grid and the game on Sunday.

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