Saturday, November 24, 2012

All About Cards Introduces Sports Card Saturday And Sunday In A Final Blowout Of Our 2012 Panini NFL Player Of The Day Promotion

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving and survived Black Friday.  While waiting for Cyber Monday what is a sports card collector to do with their time?  If you can’t get your fill of doorbusters and blowout deals, here is one to hold you over until Monday.  This will be the last opportunity for you to collect entries to win the great prizes in our 2012 Panini NFL Player Of The Day Main Prize Pool. 

There are ten questions listed below and for each one you answer correctly you will receive an entry.  If you answer all 10 correctly, you will receive an additional 5 entires.  So a total of 15 entries are up for grabs per person.  For those of you who have been following our Panini NFL Player Of The Day promotion the whole time, many of these answers will be easy, but even if this is your first time here, you should be able to answer all of these questions by looking at our previous posts.

All of your answers must be emailed to AACNFLPOD (at) Yahoo (dot) com by Sunday, November 25, 2012 at 11:59 PM PST.  Do not leave you answers here or on our Facebook page, all answer MUST be emailed to qualify.  Make sure you are following us here on the blog, or on our Twitter account or like us on our Facebook page.

Here are the 10 questions.

1 – The 2012 Panini NFL Player Of The Day Promotion gave you the opportunity to visit your local card shop, open packs and if you pulled one of the Players of the Day from the list (use this link to see which players made the list) you would receive prizes like NFLPOD packs and other goodies. 

To answer this multipart question tell us;

(A) Who were the two wild card players that you could pull at any time?
(B) How many times did you visit your LCS to try and pull one of the Players of the Day?
(C) Did you win anything from your local card shop and if so, what was it?

2 – You were able to locate which was your participating Local Card Shop by going to the Panini Player of the Day website and using the Hobby Shop Locator.  Regardless of whether or not you visited your LCS, go to the Panini NFLPOD site using this link or click on the banner ad above and to the right, use the Hobby Shop Locator to figure out which was the store that was closest to you. 

If you live in the USA, answer these questions.  What is the name of your LCS?  Do they still have Panini Player of the Day packs left? If they don’t when did they run out?

If you live outside of the USA and don’t want to be charged for an international call, go to the “Contact Us” page on the Panini America website using this link and send them a message telling them you would like to see the promotion available in you area of the world, then let us know you did it.  If you want you can also call a shop in the US and answer the questions for US collectors to get credit for this question.

3 – During the Panini NFL Player Of The Day promotion, we reviewed 7 different Panini Football products, Elite, Rookies & Stars, Prominence, Momentum, Certified, Gridiron and Score Football.  In our reviews we featured the back of one of the cards to give you an idea of what a complete card looks like. There were 7 players from all of those reviews who’s card backs were shown that were also on the 2012 Panini NFL Players Of The Day list.

To answer this multipart question tell us;

(A) There were 7 reviews and 7 NFLPOD player’s card backs but one of the reviews did not feature a card back from the list of 2012 Panini NFL Players Of The Day, which review was it?
(B) Name the 7 player’s who were on the list of 2012 Panini NFL Players Of The Day that had card backs that were featured.

4 - Anyone who followed us on our blog, or on Twitter or on our Facebook page could answer our weekly challenge questions to win prizes.  There were usually 3 questions each week that could be answered. 

To answer this multipart question tell us;

(A) There were separate categories for correctly answering one, two or all three of our questions.  In honor of Panini's Italian heritage, what were the names of each of the winning categories?
(B) What is the English translation for these categories?

5 – We ran 11 weeks of our Panini NFL Stickers Challenge Questions during the 2012 Panini NFL Player Of The Day promotion.  Each week we featured Players to Watch in our Challenge Questions.

To answer this multipart question tell us;

(A) There was only one week when all three players that were featured also happened to be on the 2012 Panini NFL Player Of The Day list.  Which week was it and who were those players?
(B) Last week, which was week 11, we featured three players with something in common.  Besides playing the same position, what do these three have in common?
(C) There was only one featured player in the 11 weeks that was guaranteed NOT to have any stats this year.  Who was it?

To answer this multipart question tell us;

(A) How many different prize groups are there?
(B) We have already awarded prizes from several of the groups but which groups haven’t had any prizes given away?

7 – As a bonus incentive to collectors participating 2012 Panini NFL Player Of The Day promotion at their local card shops, All About Cards offered to match any NFLPOD packs that collectors won by pulling a Player of the Day, just like contributions are matched during telethons or employees retirement funds are sometimes matched.  This promotion was run over a weekend.

To answer this multipart question tell us;

(A) What were the dates that we ran this promotion?
(B) Did you qualify and receive a matching pack from us?

8 – During Week 8 of our Challenge Questions we featured 3 hot rookies.  All of these players have some unique situations.

To answer this multipart question tell us;

(A) Out of those three players, two were born in the United States, but only one of them was born in the one of the United States.  How can that be?
(B) One of the three players is substantially older than the other two.  The reason is he almost had a career in another professional sport before the NFL.  Which professional sports league besides the NFL was this player drafted into and what is the name of the team that drafted him?
(C) This dual sport athlete has 5 local card shops in his home state that participated in the 2012 Panini NFL Player Of The Day promotion.  Two of those shops are within easy traveling distance to his hometown.  What are the names those two shops?

9 – The 7 Panini Football products we reviewed are designed to appeal to a wide range of collectors.

To answer this multipart question tell us;

(A) Which of the 7 card sets did you like the best and why?
(B) How many of these products did you purchase during the promotion?
(C) Which soon to be released Panini Football product are you most looking forward to and do you plan to purchase it?

10 - There was a lot of effort put in to making this 2012 Panini NFL Player Of The Day promotion fun and rewarding to you, the collector.

To answer this multipart question tell us;

(A) Do you feel that your local card shop did a good job with the promotion?
(B) Do you feel Panini did a good job with this promotion?
(C) Do you feel All About Cards did a good job with this promotion?
(D) Would you like to see this promotion return next year at your LCS or on our blog?
(E) What was your favorite part of the promotion here on the blog?
(F) What did you follow the most to find out details about this promotion, All About Cards blog, our Twitter account, our Facebook page, The Knight's Lance or the official PaniniPOD Twitter account?
(G) Did you start following either The Knight's Lance or the official PaniniPOD Twitter account because of All About Cards?
(H) Do you have any suggestions or comments to make this a more enjoyable experience for you in the future?

And that is it.  Make sure you email us your answers.  We should be drawing for the main prize pool sometime next week.

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