Monday, October 8, 2012

Results Of Our Week 5 Panini America NFL Player Of The Day Contest

For this week’s contest we changed things up a bit by adding prizes that could be won instantly for getting our Challenge Questions correct. Anyone who guessed the answers to all our Challenge Questions would have walked away with a total of three prizes this week. To top it all off, we still provided an opportunity to gain more bonus entries in our main prize pool simply by visiting the Panini America Player of the Day site and answering two questions by email.

We have some good news and some bad news.

The bad news is that just as in Fantasy Football, sometimes you lay a goose egg.  In what proved to be an unusual week for A.J. Green, Victor Cruz and Roddy White, touchdowns were up while receiving yardage was down.  So with all of the guesses we received, not one of you got all three correct, or as we call it a “perfetto.”  No one got two of the questions correct, or as we call it a “doppia.”  There wasn’t even a single “ordine” this week, getting one of the two ordering questions right.

Here are the correct answers to our Week 5 Challenge Questions;

1 - In order, Most Total Fantasy Points - Cruz (23.00), Green (12.50), White (6.80)
2 - In order, Most Total Receiving Yards - White (68), Green (65), Cruz (50)
3 - Total Combined Receiving Touchdowns - 4 (3 for Cruz, 1 for Green and 0 for White)

So what could possibly be the good news in all of this?

The good news is we have plenty of prizes left to give away so we will increase your chances of winning in week 6.  Other good news is plenty of you visited the Panini POD site this week and emailed the correct answers to our questions so you have received more entries in our main prize pool.  As a matter of fact we now have over 150 entries and over 30 people actively participating.  Considering we have over 40 individual prizes to give away, the odds are currently very good that everyone will walk away with something.  But our numbers have been steadily growing so keep actively participating.

In order, here are the Top 10 leaders in our Main Prize Pool entries right now.

1 – Matthew Gilman – Blog and Facebook
2 – BA Benny – Blog and Twitter
3 – Martyn Heap – Blog, Twitter and Facebook
4 – bd – Blog and Twitter
5 – daddyohoho – Blog
6 – Dion’s IP Autos – Blog
7 – Suzie Morton – Facebook
8 – Fuji – Blog
9 – irondequiot36 – Blog
10 – Steve D. – Blog

Everyone else will have to "up your game" if you want to crack the Top 10.  Keep checking in this week for details about more instant prize opportunies.

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