Friday, September 14, 2012

2012 Topps UFC Finest Box Break Recap and Review

It is not unusual for fighters in the UFC to enter the octagon with plenty of swagger.  But as with any display of confidence that borders on arrogance, if you don’t have the goods to back it up people will be looking for you to fail so they can revel in Schadenfreude.  In the case of 2012 Topps UFC Finest
the goods are in the box so the swagger of proclaiming this release to be their finest is justified. 

Topps has taken the principles of last year’s release and refined them, honing the set to near perfection.  Relic swatch sizes are big and bold.  The autograph checklist is impressive and plentiful.  Additions like Grill Gear, Autograph Glove and a chance to win a VIP UFC experience bring UFC cards on par with all the major sports card releases, perhaps even surpassing some of them.

This set falls under our classification of premium cards. Hobby exclusive master boxes contain 2 mini boxes, with each mini containing 6 - 5 card packs.  The is a total of 2 Autograph Cards, 2 Jumbo Fighter-Worn Relic Cards and 2 Mat Relic cards per master box.

Here are some of the cards we pulled.

Base Set
Anderson Silva, front and back

Brock Lesnar, Tito Ortiz

Benson Henderson, Georges St-Pierre, Urijah Faber

Jon Jones, Jake Shields, Chael Sonnen

Rashad Evans Finest Moments

Numbered Parallels – Blue Xfractor #/188

Joseph Benavidez, Junior dos Santos

Vitor Belfort Finest Moments, Chan Sung Jung Bloodlines

Numbered Parallels – Gold Refractor #/88

Carlos Condit, Georges St-Pierre Bloodlines

The Hits
Chris Weidman UFC 139 Mat Relic, Fabrico Werdum UFC 143 Mat Relic

Jon Jones Finest Threads Relic, Travis Brown Finest Threads Relic Blue Xfractor #/188

Duane Ludwig 1st Autograph (Bang!), Rashad Evans Finest Sponsors Auto Patch Card

Overall Look
These cards get plenty of Finest shine that works beautifully with the superior photography and accent bordering.  Bloodlines cards are true standouts, both front and back. 

Quality and Variety of Players
At 100 base cards, this is a tight checklist with some of the best the UFC has to offer.  That quality of checklist carries through to the inserts and hit cards too.

Do the Hits satisfy? 
Mat relics identified from specific matches will make collectors of other sports jealous. The move to all jumbo swatches just increases the desirability of these cards.  So many different autograph cards with big name fighters, dual fighter, fighters with Dana White and dual Bloodlines relic auto booklets leave a lot to covet.  That alone would be enough, but throw in the chance to pull a Grill Gear (whole fighter mouth guards), Autograph Glove redemtption or a Finest VIP UFC pass and you’ve got an amazing opportunity for UFC fans and collectors to score something to be remembered for a long time.

Will you keep coming back for more?
Finest works on all levels.  UFC fans will keep looking for opportunities to purchase boxes well after its initial release.

5 out of 5

2012 Topps UFC Finest has the swagger of a champion and justifiably so.

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  1. Love the jumbo relics... Topps has done a great job with these. And congratulations on the Rashad Evans patch autograph redemption.