Friday, August 10, 2012

Completing My Randy Moss Topps Football, Chrome And Factory Set Cross Release Rainbow... Mostly

Just before the new year, I shared some sports card rainbow variations.  One variation I refer to as a “Cross-Release Rainbow.”  This can only be done when once player’s card is essentially the same, front and back, in two or more releases.  Variances in sequential numbering or release logo are allowed.  Collect parallels from all the different releases and you have a cross-release rainbow.

Collectors have a unique opportunity this year to create one using Topps Baseball, either Series 1 or 2, Factory sets for the Orange Border parallels, Topps Minis and Topps Chrome. Last year I created one using all of the Miguel Cabrera parallels found in 2011 Topps Heritage and Chrome.  
I created this single release rainbow of Randy Moss from 2011 Topps Chrome that includes the 1/1 Superfractor.  
My intention was to collect the parallels from 2011 Topps Football for a cross-release rainbow, but I stopped there, consumed by other projects.  

At the first sign that NFL Football was returning this year, I was reminded of the unfinished cross-release rainbow.  I already had doubles of the base card from 2011 Topps Football, so I searched Check Out My Cards and was able to pickup these three cards, one from the 2011 Topps Factory Set and two from 2011 Topps Football.
 Gold Border #/2011, Factory Set Red Border #/77,  Black Border #/55

Put them all together and voila, a 16 card cross-release rainbow.
Some of you will say, “Where are the printing plates and 1/1 Platinum Border from 2011 Topps Football?”  My answer is I have no idea.  I can’t find them anywhere, not even sure if they have been pulled yet.  I’m good with considering this complete for now.  If those cards ever surface, I might just have to secure them too.


  1. Awesome rainbows... sort of makes me want to start working on that Kurt Suzuki rainbow again ;-)

  2. I probably have atleast one rainbow I'd have to go through all my