Tuesday, July 3, 2012

When One Tweet Leads To Another 2.0

Some of you may remember the story behind this ball from my collection, autographed by Gaylord Perry obtained for me by Ryan at Sports Card News and Sports Card Radio.

Back then I suggested you should follow @SportsCardNews on Twitter and check out Ryan’s blog at http://www.sportscardreport.info and the other site he is associated with, Sports Card Radio at http://www.sportscardradio.com and the site’s forum http://www.sportscardradio.com/forum/.

If you were following Ryan on June 17th, you might have seen this tweet:
 "Jose being Jose” refers to Jose Canseco who was scheduled to appear at a Stockton Ports game to sign autographs but canceled hours before the game.  Steve Garvey took a last minute flight up North to fill in. 

I saw Ryan’s tweet and responded but another person had tweeted him just before me.  Ryan tweeted back he would try to pick up one for me too.  Within a few minutes Ryan got two more requests and by the end of the night, this tweet happened:
 A few days later, this arrived at my door.
Garvey had been on my short list of autograph balls to obtain.  Now the list is even shorter thanks to Ryan.  (There is a possibility Ryan will be able to help me with one more auto ball this season. If he can, I'll do a follow-up post.)

Once again, the power of social media is displayed.  The story behind it combined with the generosity of Ryan make this one of my favorite auto balls.   

And by the way, if you aren’t on Twitter, what are you waiting for?  If you are on Twitter and aren’t following @allaboutcards and/or Ryan @SportsCardNews yet, I would ask the same question.

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  1. Huge fan of Ryan, Colin, and SCR... congratulations on getting the Garvey.