Thursday, July 12, 2012

Reminder List Of Upper Deck Redemption Cards That Are About To Expire

Near or at the top on the list of collector complaints is dealing with those pesky redemptions, a necessary step that card companies regret having to take, as we all have heard repeatedly.  Redemptions might be disappointing when they are live, but not nearly as disappointing if you pull a recently expired one from an older box that you’ve either held on to or just purchased.

Card companies have taking big steps towards making the whole system better.  But in the end, it is up to us, as consumers, to be aware of what we are purchasing, caveat emptor.  But without redemption expiration dates written on the outside of sealed boxes, how is a collector to know?

Upper Deck is bringing back an older program, “Last Call”, which reminds collectors which products include redemptions that are set to expire over the next six months. 

Knowledge is power, so here are the Upper Deck products that are in that six-month window.

2009-10 NHL OPC Premier – Redemptions expire 7/14/12
There is still a Mario Lemieux, Wayne Gretzky & Steve Yzerman Premier Signings Triple Gold card #/5 waiting to get into the hands of a collector.  But hurry, it expires by the end of the week.

2010-11 NHL Artifacts Rookie Redemptions – Cards are set to expire 9/7/12
Lots of rookies left.

2009-10 NHL The Cup – Redemptions expire 9/15/12
Several Wayne Gretzky & Mario Lemieux Dual Signature Patches #/35 have gone unclaimed.

2010-11 Ultimate Collection Basketball – Redemptions expire 9/20/12
Still out there are a Julius Erving, Magic Johnson & Michael Jordan Ultimate Triple Signatures #/25,  a Michael Jordan & Larry Bird Rivalries Duals, a Michael Jordan & Bill Russell Rivalries Duals and a Michael Jordan & Julius Erving Rivalries Duals.

2010-11 NHL Artifacts – Redemptions expire 9/28/12
Collectors can pull one of the few remaning Mark Messier autograph cards.

2010-11 NHL UD Series One – Redemptions expire 10/19/12
Look for a Sidney Crosby’s 20th Anniversary autograph card #/90.

2010-11 NHL Black Diamond – Redemptions expire 11/9/12
Mark Messier autographs are still available in this product.

2010-11 NHL SP Game Used – Redemptions expire 12/21/12
There are unclaimed P.K. Subban Lettermarks autograph cards #/50.

You may have noticed all except one product was Hockey related, the one exception being 2010-11 Ultimate Collection Basketball, which was produced using college uniforms. The reason for this is Upper Deck no longer has licenses with the NBA.  In addition, they no longer have licenses for the MLB and the NFL. 

So here is fair warning directly from Upper Deck;

“ALL MLB, NFL and NBA Upper Deck products have expired offers in them. Since Upper Deck no longer has a license with these leagues, we cannot honor ANY of these expired offers from these products. When purchasing these older products you are buying them as is, without any type of warranty service so if there are issues with damage, collation, insert ratios or expired offers, we will unfortunately be unable to assist.”

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