Monday, July 16, 2012

The Complete Visual Checklist Of Topps Employee Cards In 2012 Allen And Ginter

Topps has a long-standing tradition of adding limited edition insert cards to their baseball releases that feature their employees, either as a character or themselves.  It makes me want to quit my job and go work for Topps just so I can fulfill one of my childhood dreams, to be featured on a card.  It would be kind of like running away to join the circus.  Topps recently tweeted images of Archives styled cards they produced for the members of the MLB Fan Cave.  Had I only known, I would have fought tooth and nail to get in there. 

But I digress.

Last year, the big star of these insert cards was Topps Art Director, Adam Gandolfo, whom I wrote about in a post “Who are the 2011 Topps Gypsy Queens?  This year it seems to be a race between some of the executives at Topps, most notably Mark Sapir and Clay Luraschi. 

Here they are as Gypsy Kings found in 2012 Topps Gypsy Queen Baseball.
Mark Sapir - Prince Wasso auto card, Clay Luraschi - Aladar The Cruel relic card

Topps Employee cards have appeared in A&G before but this is the first time I’ve seen relic cards for them.  Both the relics and the autos are #/10 so it will be a rare pull.   Here are cards for Sapir and Luraschi found in Ginter.
Mark Sapir – Vice President,  Clay Luraschi - Director of Product Development

Here are the other employees that have been found each has a relic and auto version but to avoid repetition, I have only posted one version. 
Ryan Mattos – Editor, front and back

John Doldan – Senior Art Director, Anush Laxpati - Senior Financial Analyst
 Tracy Dupre - Senior Layout Originator, Stephanie Schrauth – Project Manager
Jeff Zachowski – Assistant Brand Manager, James Perry - Fulfillment Coordinator
Neil Kleid – Digital Designer, Jennifer Quon – Production Assistant
Emil Picchi – President of All Sports Marketing Inc., Coleen Tull - Customer Service Representative

Please Note:  This checklist is complete as of the date of posting.  There might be additional cards still left to be found.  If you find others, please let me know so I can update this post. All of the information I’ve provided in this post, from card images to names and job titles are out there on the internet, freely available, and/or found on the actual cards. 

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