Thursday, July 26, 2012

2012 Rittenhouse Archives NCIS Premium Pack Break Recap and Review

It was voted America’s favorite television show, the third most watched show of the year, according to Nielsen Ratings, just behind Sunday Night Football and American Idol.  This fall the show will begin its tenth season on CBS but Rittenhouse Archives has trading card for the show right now. 2012 Rittenhouse Archives NCIS Trading cards are available in Premium Packs.  These cards cover the first 72 episodes of the series, from the Post-JAG kick off of Season 1 to the start of Season 4.  This is the premiere offering so there will probably be more releases in the future to cover the later seasons.  Fans of the show should be pleased.

Rittenhouse Archives NCIS falls under our premium cards category.  Each Premium Pack contains 3 Episode cards, 1 Stars of NCIS card, 2 Relic cards and 1 Autograph card. These can be purchased by the individual pack or as a 15-pack box. 

Here are the cards we pulled.  All cards are shown front and back.

Episode Cards
 Card #26 - Hometown Hero & Kill Ari Part 1

 Card #06 - High Seas & Enigma

 Card #19 - Witness & The Voyeur's Web

Stars of NCIS inserts 
 Special Agent Caitlin Todd played by Sasha Alexander

Relic Cards
 Shirt worn by Rocky Carroll portraying Director Leon Vance

 Suit worn by Michael Weatherly portraying Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo

 Bob Newhart Autograph portraying Dr. Walter Magnus

Overall Look
The inserts and hit cards are really nicely done. Rittenhouse Archives has some of the best designed and executed autograph cards in all of collecting, both sports and non-sports.   But the episode cards are a little too “vanilla” for me.  Perhaps a few more details in the episode synopsis would have helped.  But that is a minor point that does not detract from the appeal of the set.

Quality and Variety of the checklist
This is a small set, but it is a small core group of actors so that is understandable.  With the future inclusion of later season cards, this should round out to a nice sized master set.   All of the core actors are represented in the Stars of NCIS cards but not necessarily in the hits, another issue that should be resolved in future releases.

Do the Hits satisfy?
This release features autograph from 3 of the main actors, Lauren Holly, (which is great that they went back and got her) Pauley Perrette and Rocky Carroll.  It also has the autograph of Brian Dietzen who will be joining the main cast this season.  You might think that the rest of the autograph list is lacking in that case, but you would be wrong.  It is full of name actors that are desirable autographs to have, from the Bob Newhart that I was excited to pull, to Cheryl Ladd, Michael Nouri, Charles Durning and Rena Sofer.  The relic hits are done the way I like them.  Relic swatch with a picture from the show of the actor in the costume piece on the front and a picture of the actual costume piece that the swatch was taken from on the back of the card.

Will you keep coming back for more?
Because of the limited number of cards in the set, fans of the show will want to complete it. and will be ready to collect any future release.

4 1/2 out of 5

2012 Rittenhouse Archives NCIS is a good premiere release that offers fans of the show plenty to start collecting now.

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