Tuesday, June 5, 2012

2012 Rittenhouse Archives Spartacus Premium Pack Break Recap and Review

Spartacus, which runs on Starz, is intended for mature audiences, so I think it would be fair to say that 2012 Rittenhouse Archives Spartacus Premium Pack Cards should be treated the same.  The TV series can be brutal and I have to acknowledge that Rittenhouse Archives has found a way to walk the fine line of properly representing the series without going to far overboard.  Fans of the show should be pleased.

2012 Rittenhouse Spartacus falls under our premium cards category.  Each Premium Pack contains 2 Episode Cards, 1 Gladiators In Action Card, 1 Battle for Freedom Card, 1 Spartacus: Vengeance Preview Card, 1 Spartacus Gold Plaque Card and 2 Autograph Cards. These can be purchased by individual packs or a 15 pack box. 

Here are the cards we pulled.

 Episode Card - "Reckoning" - front and back

 Episode Card - "Missio"

 Battle for Freedom
 Gladiators In Action
 Spartacus: Vengeance Preview, Gannicus Gold Plaque, Lucy Lawless as Lucretia

 Temuera Morrison Auto, Jason Hood Auto

Overall Look
These are sharp looking cards.  The embossing on the Gladiators In Action is a really nice touch, giving these cards a premium feel.

Quality and Variety of the checklist
This is a small set.  66 cards for the master set without autographs, another 19 if you include the autos with three multi box incentive cards.  Due to the subject matter, there are not too many characters that make it all the way through the series, but the major characters are well represented here.

Do the Hits satisfy?
Rittenhouse Archives has some of the best designed and executed autograph cards in all of collecting, both sports and non-sports.  Fans of Spartacus should be happy with the autos they find but there isn’t much here for general interest collectors outside of Lucy Lawless.

Will you keep coming back for more?
Because of the limited number of cards in the set, fans of the show will want to complete it.

4 out of 5

If you enjoy watching Spartacus on Starz, 2012 Rittenhouse Spartacus Premium Packs are a great buy.

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