Tuesday, April 10, 2012

2012 Topps UFC Knockout Box Break Recap And Review

The last release of Topps UFC Knockout didn't even have a year associated with it even though most refer to it as the 2011 release. This led some to question if it was a one off.  It was a fantastic set of cards so we are sure UFC fans will be very happy to see that Knockout returns in 2012.  They will also be happy to hear that 2012 Topps UFC Knockout is a great follow up to last year's release.

2012 Topps UFC Knockout fits very nicely into our Premium Cards category. Each hobby box contains 8 Mini-Boxes with 5 cards per mini-box and 1 Memorabilia or Autograph card in every mini-box.  For the entire master box you should pull a total of 2 Autograph Relics, 2 Autographs, and 4 Relic Cards.

Here are some of the cards we pulled from our box.

Base Set
 Forrest Griffin, front and back

 Brock Lesnar, Anderson Silva

Base Set Parallels
 Erik Koch Gold #/188

 Chad Mendes Gold #/188, Antonio Silva Gold #/188, Matt Wiman Gold #/188

 Ben Henderson Silver #/125, Frankie Edgar Silver #/125

 Demetrious Johnson Green #/88, Matt Hughes Green #/88

The Hits
 Donald Cerrone UFC 131 Used Mat Relic #/288, Shane Corwin UFC 131 Used Mat Relic #/288

 Diego Nunes Premium Pieces #/88, Chael Sonnen UFC 131 Used Jumbo Mat Relic #/8

 Carlos Condit Auto Memorabilia #/275, Cris Cyborg Auto Memorabilia #/275

 Cung Le 1st Autograph #/159, Urijah Faber Full Contact Auto #/99

Overall Look
This year's cards have some great photography selections.  The colors are aggressive and design is bold, just what you want from UFC card.

Quality and Variety of Players
All the names you want are represented here, except maybe Ronda Rousey, but it is a little early for that.  UFC Ring Girls autograph cards return.

Do the Hits satisfy?
UFC fans will be very happy with these cards.  Overall this is a fantastic product to break.

Will it keep you coming back for more?
This is one of those products that collectors will want to revisit over and over again.  Don't be surprised if you find yourself ordering more.

4 1/2 out of 5

2012 Topps UFC Knockout offers a fantastic premium experience for MMA card collectors.

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