Wednesday, March 28, 2012

2012 SAGE HIT Low Series Football Box Break Recap And Review

Have you jumped on the SAGE bandwagon yet?  If not, you should because 2012 SAGE HIT Low Series Football delivers greatly improved design, excellent photography, and hand collated hits to insure satisfaction with every box.  All of this from a company that has vast knowledge of the draft process and a proven track record of selecting the best prospects for autographs.

For the purposes of review, we classify HIT Low Series as trading cards.  Each box contains 30 – 5 card packs with the promise of 6 autographs per box.

Here are some of the cards we pulled.

Base Set
 Robert Griffin III, front and back

 Melvin Ingram, Doug Martin

The base set also includes 2012 Rookie cards which offer an alternative photos.  On the backs of these cards instead of stats there are achievement and attributes so you can get to know the prospect.
 Robert Griffin III, front and back

 Silver Parallels
 Devon Still, Harrison Smith

 Jacoby Harris, Jason Ford

 Jayron Hosley, Orson Charles

 Stephan Garcia

 Tom DeCastro, Jeff Fuller

 Melvin Ingram, Quinton Coples, Tommy Streeter

 Gold Parallels
 LeMar Miller, Tony Jerod - Eddie

 Ty Hilton

The Write Stuff Inserts
 Brandon Weeden, Michael Floyd

 Kellen Moore in regular and gold parallel versions

Artistry Inserts
 Joe Adams, LaMar Miller

 Micahel Floyd, Robert Griffin III, Ryan Tannehill

 The Hits
 Dominque Davis Base Auto, Chaz Powell Gold Auto #/250, Ryan Broyles Silver Auto

 LaMichael James Gold Auto #/250, Jered Crick Silver Auto, Matt Kalil Base Auto

Overall Look
This really is a step up in design for Low Series with some of the best looking cards we’ve seen from SAGE.  The photography displays a keen eye and creativity that is not just well done for a non-logo product but for any football product. The backs of these cards are very informative with the prospect's full college stats and all the pertinent biographical information.  The new clear sticker with gold foil accent is an improvement over the previous solid silver version and blends in well with the card’s background.  The base card parallels are also an improved with a more controlled use of the silver and gold sparkling with a smoother finish.  But what really excels here from a design standpoint is the Artistry insert set.  SAGE listened to collector and did away with the Big Time “big head” inserts shifting to a more refined illustrated look that has just the right amount of foil enhancements.

Quality and Variety of Players
SAGE knows how to pick them so the checklist is excellent for prospecting.  The cream rises to the top with the Write Stuff and Artistry inserts including a Cam Newton Artistry Autograph and the unannounced Sophomore Autos that give you a chance to snag an autograph from the best of last year’s rookie class. 

Do the hits hold up?
You should be fully prepped for the draft with these cards and with the hand collecting of hits, you are ensured to walk away with some of the top prospect autographs as we did by hitting the number three overall consensus draft pick.

Will you want to collect them all?
Each box yields at least one base set but you will want to pick up the complete Artistry and Write Stuff insert sets too.

5 out of 5

2012 SAGE HIT Low Series Football delivers a fantastic set of cards at a great price point that will keep rookie prospectors satisfied.

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  1. I'm shocked you gave this a 5/5--the horizontal base cards look terrible (just like the "Pre-Rookies" last year), the Artistry cards are ugly, an insert called "The Write Stuff" is stupid if it isn't autographed, and worst of all, SAGE still has to airbrush out logos. I also strongly disagree that "SAGE knows how to pick them" because I finally learned my lesson after a few years of buying SAGE and not pulling a single good player--most of them I hadn't even heard of and are guys that didn't have a prayer of being drafted.

    The number of autographs you pull is nice and I do generally like their design (other than the airbrushing they're forced to do), but at anything more than $30/box these look awful.

    Keep up the great work with the box breaks, though, I enjoy reading yours every day!