Thursday, January 19, 2012

TCSP 2012 Diamond Cuts Baseball Cut Autograph Contest

Earlier we told you about the upcoming release of Tri City Sports PL 2012 Diamond Cuts Baseball, the 2 card per box, Cut Auto, Vintage Stamp, Jumbo Game Used Encased Patches product.

At the beginning of February, TCSP will be providing us with a box of 2012 Diamond Cuts so we can take a look at the product up close.  In conjunction with this, Tri City Sports PL is running a contest.  The prize you can win is a Cut Auto limited to /5 or less. 

The way to win is by guessing the first team and starting decade of the player whose cut auto I pull from the box Tri City is sending us.  For example, if I pull a Duke Snider cut auto, the correct answer would be “Dodgers – 1940’s” as Snider played his first major league game with the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947.  Another example would be if I pulled Babe Ruth’s cut auto, the winning answer would be “Red Sox – 1910’s” because even though he his mostly known as being with the New York Yankees, he played his first game with the Boston Red Sox in 1914.

If you win, you will not be getting the cut auto from our break, you will be getting a different one and no, I don't know which cut auto you will be getting.  All final decisions, confirmation of the winner and providing the prize will be handled by Tri City Sports PL, so if you win, you will be dealing with them directly.

I know this is kind of a shot in the dark because there is no official checklist, but here are some tips that might be helpful.

1 – If you want to go with a team that either changed cities or names in the middle of a decade, go with the most generic term for them.  If you want the Dodgers in the 1950’s please don’t call them the Los Angeles Dodgers.  I would hate it if we pulled someone from the 1950’s Brooklyn Dodgers and you lost on a technicality.  Just go with “Dodgers – 50’s.”  At the same time, city's without a league attached will not count.  For example, if you left  New York - 1950's, that could mean the Yankees, Giants and Dodgers.

2 – According to the information Tri City has provided to me, all teams and the decades are in play from 1930-1970.

So here is an outline of the rules that Tri City has passed to me.

1 - To be eligible for the prize you must be a member of the TCSP site. That means going to this site, and registering with them.

2 – Once you have registered with TCSP, leave a guess here on this post.  Make sure you include a team and a decade and indicate your registered name on the TCSP site.

3 - Entries will be accepted up until the 9:00AM PST on the day of posting of the box break.  Right now that is looking like the first or second week of February.  I will update and set a final date and time when the box arrives.

4 – All decisions on a winner will be handled by Tri City Sports PL, as will delivery of any potential prize.

5  - There is one guess per person.  Multiple guesses or altering a guess after you have posted it will be an instant disqualification.

Good luck to all.