Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Rittenhouse Archives 2011 Conan Movie Preview Cards Break Recap and Review

The 2011 movie version of Conan the Barbarian has just hit BluRay/DVD and On Demand so there should be more people that will get a chance to see this film.   This also makes it a good time to look at Rittenhouse Archives 2011 Conan Movie Preview Cards.

Rittenhouse Archives 2011 Conan Movie Preview Cards are classified in our premium cards category falling just short of the Ultra Premium cards category, but not by much.  Each set comes in a celo pack and contains 9 cards featuring an authentic autograph card signed by Jason Momoa (Conan), a Conan costume relic card and 7 Conan character cards. Only 300 limited edition sets were made.  All sets are identical except for the numbering.

Here are the cards.
 Card 1, front and back

 Card 2, front and back

 Card 3, front and back

 Card 4, front and back

 Card 5, front and back

 Card 6, front and back

 Card 7, front and back

And the hits
 Authentic piece of bandage worn by Jason Momoa relic card #/300

Limited edition Jason Momoa on-card autograph 

Overall Look
These cards have the usual smart Rittenhouse design but the photography is mostly relegated to “beauty shots” of Jason Momoa.  You wont find any of the other characters of the film in this set.  I’m not sure if this is a function of Rittenhouse’s selection or simply what was provided to them by the makers of the film.

Quality and Variety of the checklist
If you are a fan of Momoa this is the perfect checklist, it is all him. 

Do the Hits satisfy?
An autograph of the star of the film and a nice sized piece of his costume make for some nice hits.  As always, Rittenhouse Archives autograph cards come with clear authentication embossing on the back to ensure your card is the real deal.

Will you keep coming back for more?
Since all of the sets are identical, there isn’t even a variation within the relic cards, you will only need one set.

4 out of 5

Rittenhouse Archives 2011 Conan Movie Preview Cards are quality cards with nice hits for fans of Jason Momoa.  These don’t have broad appeal, but at a limited edition of 300 sets they don’t need to serve the masses.

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