Wednesday, October 12, 2011

2011 Rittenhouse Archives Eureka Seasons 1 & 2 Premium Pack Break Recap and Review

The Premium Package is a concept familiar to Sports Card Collectors for quite a while but is new to collectors of non-sports cards.  By reducing all the cards in a given release to low serial numbered base cards, interesting insert cards, autograph, and relic cards, the best of everything is included in a concentrated package.  Rittenhouse Archives has done that with their release of 2011 Rittenhouse Archives Eureka Seasons 1 & 2 in Premium Pack form.

2011 Rittenhouse Archives Eureka Seasons 1 & 2 falls under our premium cards category.  Each Premium Pack contains 2 Episode Cards, 1 Casting Call Card, 1 Artifact Card and 2 Autograph Cards.  Each pack is individually numbered to 3000.  These can be purchased by individual packs or a 15 pack box. 

Here are the cards we pulled from our Premium Pack.

Episode cards #/250
 Noches de Suenos from Season 2

 The back of the card.

Blink from Season 1

Casting Call #350
The lead - Colin Ferguson as Sheriff Jack Carter

Artifact #/350
Area 51 Bowling Team T-Shirt Costume Swatch

Autographs - Not Numbered
Tamlyn Tomita

Matt Frewer (you older collectors will remember him as Max Headroom)

Overall Look
There is some really nice design here with full bleed photography for the episode and autograph cards.  Episode cards offer well-written synopses in clear typeface and contrasting colors making them easy to read.  They are also unusual in their layout with the back printed seemingly upside down compared to the fronts, but I gather this was smartly done for 9 pocket sheet display purposes.  This way you can view all the cards in the same direction as you flip from sheet to sheet without having to turn the binder. The casting call cards are glossy refractors.

Quality and Variety of the checklist
This is a small, limited edition set.  25 episode cards, 11 Casting Call cards, 9 Artifact cards, in this case made with costume swatches and 14 Autograph cards.  This is about as complete as you can get for the first 25 episodes of the series.  The only possible exception is the absence of Salli Richardson-Whitfield from the autograph cards.

Do the Hits satisfy?
The autographs really excel in this product.  They are placed wonderfully on-card in a white bleed area so the signature actually compliments the card design.  The back of the card gets the standard treatment of a clear, embossed Rittenhouse Archives text to mark authenticity.  The artifact cards are a little generic, but it is cool to have a piece of the show.

Will you keep coming back for more?
You will want to open multiple packs.   With the limited number of cards available, it is easy to see trying to obtain them all.

4 1/2 out of 5

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to recognize that 2011 Rittenhouse Archives Eureka Seasons 1 & 2 Premium Packs are a great buy for fans of the show.

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