Friday, September 2, 2011

Former New York Mets Star, Howard Johnson, To Play Minor League Baseball With His Son

It was one of the major themes of Field of Dreams, a father and son connecting through baseball, getting one last chance to simply toss a ball to each other.  Through the years, these father and son catches have been played out in backyards and public parks, but this weekend there will be one on display during a minor league baseball game.

At the age of 50, Howard Johnson, the former New York Mets third baseman, will come out of his 16-year retirement to play for the Rockland Boulders.  The Boulders have also signed HoJo’s 23 year old son, Glen Johnson.  Both Johnsons will be on the field for the last two games of the season, at home against the Newark Bears.

Howard Johnson, who will be playing on a bad knee in need of replacement surgery and Glen, who was selected in the 36th round of the 2007 MLB June Amateur Draft by the New York Mets but never signed, will probably only impact ticket sales.   But for most, watching a father and son living out the dream of playing together on the same team will definitely be worth the price of admission.

“This may be my last go ‘round so it’s a great opportunity to play in a professional game with my son,” said Howard Johnson. “How many fathers can do that?”

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