Wednesday, July 6, 2011

2010 - 2011 Panini All Goalies Hockey Card Set Box Break and Review

As a set builder, it is not often that I buy a completed boxed set of cards.  But 2010 - 11 Panini All Goalies is an easy purchase.  My favorite position in hockey is Goalie so to see all of them represented in a concise set of 100 cards, with past, present and future stars represented, there is plenty of instant gratification in owning them all right away.

This starts a new classification for us, the boxed set. Inside each box you’ll find the complete 100 card base set, five Up Close parallels and one Memorabilia card.

Here is a look at some of the cards we pulled from our hobby box.

 Tim Thomas base, front and back

Except for player photo and write up, all of the base cards follow this design.  Here are some of our other favorite goalies who are currently playing

 Roberto Luongo and Corey Crawford

 Carey Price and Marc-Andre Fleury

 Cam Ward and Henrik Lundqvist

 Ryan Miller and Antti Neimi

Here are some greats from the past

 Patrick Roy and Ron Hextall

 Tony Esposito and Gerry Cheevers

Felix Potvin and Martin Brodeur

And so you can see the difference, here is the Up Close parallel of Martin Brodeur we pulled as one of the five in our box.

Here is the Stopper Sweaters memorabilia card from our box.

 Devan Dubnyk Stopper Sweaters, front and back

Overall look
These cards have a clean look that really shows off the nice photography.  Up Close parallels as nice and the Stopper Sweaters Memorabilia cards work well.

Does the checklist of players feel complete?
This is a great mix of the old and the new, a very satisfying set of cards.

Are there any bonus cards included?
Yes.  There are the 5 Up Close parallels per box.  It would take 20 boxes of All Goalies to acquire the entire set and about as much to gather all 18 Stopper Sweater Memorabilia cards.  Extreme collectors will go after all of them.

Boxed Set vs. Set Building
These cards only come by the set, no set building here.

4 1/2 out of 5

10 - 11 Panini All Goalies Hockey Box Set is a great pickup for fans of the men behind the masks.

Review box provided by Panini

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  1. it'll take a heckuva lot more boxes than that to complete either the parallel set or the relic set...
    Panini did their usual screw the pooch on collation that they're now famous for...