Saturday, June 25, 2011

Fun with Pixar and Cars 2 as we peel into stickers from Panini

There is a lot going on this weekend, the aftermath of the 2011 NBA Draft, the ongoing 2011 NHL Draft and some classic MLB match ups.  But there is also the release of Pixar's Cars 2.

I've enjoyed every picture from the folks in Emeryville, California so in addition to coverage of the 2011 NHL Draft we will be having some fun with Pixar collectables this weekend.

The first item is a recent pick up from a run to Target for some supplies.   I'm not sure if there is any collector that can enter a Target these days without walking away with something from the cards aisle, so conveniently located near the cash registers.

It is a Panini Sticker book for Cars 2.  Some of you may not know this, but stickers are what put Panini on the map as a company.

We've already told you we will be filling a 2011 NFL sticker book this year just so there is football regardless of whether or not there is a NFL season.  This should be a good primer for what to expect coming this fall.

By the way, to the parents that might be reading this, these sticker books are excellent for teaching young children numbering, sequencing, matching and motor skills..  Just saying.  Besides that, they are flat out fun.

The Book comes with 12 stickers to get you started.

Go to the center of the book and you will find a fold out poster.
The poster is double sided.
 One side is ready to hang on your wall.
The other side of the poster is ready for Special X numbered Stickers.

I also purchased 5 sticker packs.
The packs contain 8 stickers each, 7 regular stickers and 1 specialty sticker.
The regular stickers look like this one of Mater.
 Front and Back
Here are the specialty stickers from our 5 packs.
 Special X numbered stickers

 Foil versions of regular stickers.

There are 198 regular stickers and 18 Special X numbered stickers

Putting the stickers into the book is really easy.  All 32 pages of the book have empty numbered slots.
Just find the sticker that matches the number on the empty slot and peel it.
 Place the sticker on the matching box.
That's all there is to it.
Besides the framed stickers, there are also stickers that blend into the page to complete a picture.
Eventually you will fill the page.

A great thing Panini has done is when you get to within 40 stickers of completing the book, you can order the exact stickers you are missing directly from Panini.   Wouldn't it be great if you could do that with sports cards.

These are a lot of fun to collect and complete.  More Pixar stuff tomorrow.


  1. I actually did not know that you could order the extra stickers you need. That is pretty cool.

  2. Where do you put the specialty X stickers? Do they go in the book??

  3. @Dawn - The X Stickers go on the back side of the inserted poster.

  4. Anyone know if you can order the poster online? Our book didn't come with one! (Purchased at Michael's)

  5. Ours didn't either. Got it at Dollar Tree.

  6. I purchased two Cars 2 panini books, both didn't come with a poster and I can't get the company to respond to any of my e-mails. Very frustrating, considering that's all I need to complete my collection.

  7. Pretty sure my cute lil nephew will love this since The Cars is his favorite. custom decal stickers