Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dallas Mavericks Limited Edition NBA Champions Boxed Set by Panini available for pre-order

The Dallas Mavericks are this year’s NBA Finals Champions.   So far, they’ve done everything right.  They’ve handled the taunts and mocking of the Miami Heat and shut them down in convincing fashion.   Mark Cuban has displayed some classy moves by letting his team’s play do the talking during the playoffs, giving the honor of receiving the Larry O’Brien trophy to the original founder of the Mavs, Don Carter, leaving a $20,000 tip for the wait staff of the post finals celebration in Miami and also picking up the tab for the Championship Parade through Dallas today. 

To celebrate the Maverick’s historic win in what turned out to be a tremendous NBA Finals, Panini America has created a limited-edition 36-card Dallas Mavericks: NBA Champions boxed set.

This set includes:

*   One card for every player on the 2010-11 Dallas Mavericks roster

*   Cards for each of the Mavs’ 16 Playoff victories, including game-specific photography from key moments

*   A special card devoted to Dallas head coach Rick Carlisle, his first trading card in more than five years

*   A special card honoring NBA Finals MVP Dirk Nowitzki

These sets are available on the Official Panini America Online Store Site as a pre-order for $20.  The expected availability if July 14, 2011.

As a bonus, if you are one of the first 100 fans to pre-order this set, you will be entered into a drawing to win a special Dirk Nowitzki autographed memorabilia card limited to 25.

Here is a look at a few of the cards followed by a complete checklist.
#1            Dirk Nowitzki                   F
#2            Jason Kidd                      G
#3            Jason Terry                     G
#4            Tyson Chandler              C
#5            Shawn Marion                 F
#6            J.J. Barea                      G
#7            DeShawn Stevenson       G
#8            Brendan Haywood          C
#9            Brian Cardinal                 F
#10            Caron Butler                  F
#11            Peja Stojakovic              F
#12            Ian Mahinmi                 C
#13            Corey Brewer               F
#14            Dominique Jones          G
#15            Rodrigue Beaubois       G
#16            Alexis Ajinca                C
#17            Sasha Pavlovic             G
#18            Steve Novak                 F
#19            Rick Carlisle                CH
#20            Playoff Win 1            Portland Game 1
#21            Playoff Win 2            Portland Game 2
#22            Playoff Win 3            Portland Game 5
#23            Playoff Win 4            Portland Game 6
#24            Playoff Win 5            Lakers Game 1
#25            Playoff Win 6            Lakers Game 2
#26            Playoff Win 7            Lakers Game 3
#27            Playoff Win 8            Lakers Game 4
#28            Playoff Win 9            Thunder Game 1
#29            Playoff Win 10            Thunder Game 3
#30            Playoff Win 11            Thunder Game 4
#31            Playoff Win 12            Thunder Game 5
#32            Playoff Win 13            Heat Game 2
#33            Playoff Win 14            Heat Game 4
#34            Playoff Win 15            Heat Game 5
#35            Playoff Win 16            Heat Game 6
#36            Dirk Nowitzki            FINALS MVP

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  1. The box set looks like a really neat thing to have for Mavs fans, and the cards look exceptional. I can only wonder what the kids in Uganda think of the Heat championship T-shirts and Panini box sets that are for sale in their villages. I remember seeing a photo of a kid from Kenya wearing a "New England Patriots 2008 Super Bowl Champs" shirt and wondering what was going on. Then read a story about the other half of the lockerroom stuff going to needy groups in Africa...