Monday, May 16, 2011

Box break of 2011 Auto’s and Rookie’s Graded Footbal from Tri City Sports PL

We told you we would be receiving a box of 2011 Auto’s and Rookie’s Graded Footbal from Tri City Sports PL. Well it just arrived.

Our intention was to do a STREET-break™with these but the forecast here in Southern California is for heavy storms over the next few days and there have been extreme weather warnings issued.

Rather than wait out the weather so we decided to do a video box break of the cards.

As you can see, we got the 1 Graded Rookie and the 2 other hits of an auto and relic.

Now we didn’t pull a case hit, like our friends over at Sports Card Radio did. They pulled a Miles Austin Glove.

Tri City Sports PL has been upfront about the high risk, high reward nature of this product so you have to decide for yourself if, at $100 retail, 2011 Auto’s and Rookie’s Graded Football is right for you. Here are the scans of what came out of our box.

 There were 4 cards in our first penny sleeve, Mark Sanchez Bowman Rookie, Darren Sharper Topps Attax Code Card, Knowshon Moreno Topps Unrivaled and a Brandon Jacobs Bowman

An Edgerrin James Relic

An Aaron Hernandez Auto

 And the graded card was a Tim Tebow Score Hot Rookies BGS 9.5


  1. Yeah... I heard the interview where he said it wasn't for everyone. It's definitely a high risk product... with some sweet rewards: Marino/Manning co-signers autographs, Aaron Rodgers Exquisite RC autos, Walter Payton PSA9 RC.

    But... this product just isn't for me. I'm one of the collectors who prefers low risk products... even if that means the rewards aren't that great.

    I know this company is legit... but at the same time they give off a "repack" or "youtube mystery pack" kind of feel. In other words... I sort of feel they're just repackaging some cards that they didn't want in their collections... then throw in a nice hit every now and then... and sell these for $70... $80... $90... or whatever they're charging.

    However... I'm just one opinion in the hobby. The people who pull those sweet hits are likely to disagree with me.

  2. The apostrophes on the "Auto's" and "Rookie's" make this a no-brainer ignore for me as misplaced possessive apostrophes are unforgivably obnoxious from a company asking for my money. Not that buying repacks is something I do normally, so I guess I'm not the target market here. I'm with Fuji- these things seem chintzy all around. -Andy