Saturday, April 23, 2011

Mystery... Intrigue... Black Box. 2011 Upper Deck Industry Summit Black Box Break

Recently Upper Deck ran a contest on their Facebook Page and I won.  The prize?  A Black Box from the 2011 Las Vegas Industry Summit. 

You can’t buy a black box.  Upper Deck gave them out to retailers at the Industry Summit and they must have had one left over.   I’ve looked at YouTube videos of store owners opening these boxes at the Summit and there were signed cards of some big name athletes.   I saw a Gordie Howe, LeBron James, Derek Rose and I think there was a Bobby Orr auto.  

The contest was based on a blog post that featured Bryan Berg.   Berg makes a living stacking cards.   He holds Guinness World Records for the size of his structures.  Here is one of them.
To win this box I had to build a house of cards at least three levels high with Upper Deck cards from my collection and let me tell you, it was deceivingly difficult.   Here is my structure.
Pretty sad in comparison, huh?  The reason you see a lot of cards around the structure is I was planning on building it much higher, but that never happened.  

I was selected at random out of all the entries and the box was just shipped to me.   So thanks to Upper Deck for the contest and the black box.   Here is the video of the break.   Give it a view to see which card I pulled.

Direct link to video

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