Thursday, March 31, 2011

Its Opening Day, a great day to open some Topps 2011 Opening Day Baseball Cards. An All About Cards Box Break with some 2011 Topps Heritage Cards too.

Last week we told you something new was about to hit the streets.  Here it is.  A while back we debuted the SPEED-break™ and now its time for our first STREET-break.

We are not talking about an old school type of breakdance, no spinning on your head here.  A STREET-break is a box break done with you, the collectors, on the streets of your city.  We might do them in your town center, your mall, your local card shop or even your local sports team’s stadium.   We will be looking for collectors who want to rip some packs with us, share same sports talk and walk away with some great cards, hopefully some big hits.

We will announce where we are and how to find us either through the blog, our Facebook page or a tweet on Twitter so make sure you are following us so you don’t miss out on the announcements.   If you find us first, you’ll help us rip open some cards and get to keep them.  It might be a pack, it might be a whole box.  Maybe some high end stuff and or great set building cards.  Future breaks can take place anytime and anywhere.

This first one was unannounced, done here locally in Calabasas, California.   Caleb helped us break our first box and as with all our early adopters, he was rewarded with a few surprise cards too.  He did a great job and certainly has a wealth of baseball knowledge.  I hope all our future co-breakers do as good a job as Caleb.

So here it is.  Our first STREET-break.  It’s Opening Day so it makes sense that we would break some 2011 Topps Opening Day Baseball and a little 2011 Topps Heritage.


  1. Not bad for the first time. It's a pretty interesting idea. I'd love to see someone who doesn't know anything about baseball. It would be fun to try to explain it to them.

  2. Good stuff. Wife bought me a pack of Opening Day last week and I got a Calvin Coolidge card. I thought the presidents were a unique thing to include.