Tuesday, March 15, 2011

2010-11 Donruss Basketball trading cards. An All About Cards review.

Panini is trying new things while bringing back old names like Score and reinvigorating the Donruss franchise.  One approach has been producing modern cards with a bit of nostalgia that throws you back. With 2010-11 Donruss Basketball, Panini has produced a set of cards that will completely throw you back.  So much so that if you didn’t catch the small touches of foil and see players like Lebron, Kobe and John Wall, you just might file these away with your vintage wax.

2010-11 Donruss Basketball is categorized as trading cards because of its reasonable price point, and base/insert card foundation.  Each hobby box contains 24 – 10 card packs with the promise of 3 autograph or memorabilia cards per box, with at least one of those being an autograph.   There are also more that 20 die-cut and parallels per box.  Let’s take a look at the cards we pulled from the box.

First from the base set
Kobe Bryant base front and back 

Eric Bledsoe from the Rated Rookies

Die-cut versions of Yao Ming and Damion James base cards

From the inserts
Allen Iverson Jersey Kings die-cut

Eric Gordon Gamers die-cut

LeBron James Craftsmen

Chris Paul and Chris Bosh Production Line 

Our hits were
Joe Johnson Craftsmen Jersey

LeBron James Production Line Jersey

Ekpe Udoh Rated Rookie Auto 

Overall Look
This takes throwback to a new level.   You will definitely feel like you are holding Donruss cards of years past.  They’ve even added a slight sepia tone and washed out some of the colors to enhance the cards and give them an aged look.  The back of the card is vintage too with cardboard feel, vintage colors and old time font type.  The inserts are nicely designed and die-cuts work well here.

Quality and Variety of Players and Subsets
With 295 players, Rated Rookies, tons of parallels, die-cuts and seven insert sets you are covered.  Production Line cards are nice and Duos SP’s are great to chase.  Gamers is also a nice line of inserts.

Do the Hits hold up?
Three hits for an entry-level product is very nice.  There are some big names to go after so the thrill is there but the types of hits are constant with the products price point.   All in all, the hits hold up.

Will you want to collect them all?
There is enough here to keep set builders busy with the base cards alone. Adding the inserts, and parallels to the mix and this is a release that will keep basketball card collectors busy and happy.

4 out of 5

2010-11 Donruss Basketball is a great set to build for both new and seasoned

Review box provided by Panini


  1. I haven't collected basketball cards in year, but I like these a lot.

  2. I'm not really basketball card collector either, but after buying a rack pack and pulling a Dwight Howard jersey card I found myself buying more and more and working on building the set.

  3. I love this set, but I can never find the retail jumbo packs anymore, which were so affordable that they spoiled me on buying anything else.

  4. the 2011 donruss basketball cards are very nice. most card companys have way too many cards. especialy baseball. it is alot easier to collect and put together a set of basketball cards. with only about 250-300 card set max with buying 1 box you can come pretty close to putting together the entire set.also i am going to start collecting basketball instead of baseball and football because one, they dont produce as many cards, and two, not too many people collect basketball cards, therefore to me there are more desirable and much more valueble right now and will be in the future !

  5. i got 8 more packs of 2011 donruss basketball. i got 2 jersey king cards.dennis rodman 248/999,kevin love789/999, mitch richmond248/999. 1 gamers card 1/999 zach randolph.regarding the #'d cards. regardless of the # they are all worth the same but i would think 1/999 is much more disirable then say 547/999 also i got a crmelo anothony craftsmen emerald die cut card.rashard lewis production card 598/999. and i pulled some rated rookies, the one ive been hoping for which is john wall of the wizards. i got some good stars that i didnt have until now either like blake griffin,kobe bryant,chris paul.