Sunday, January 2, 2011

NFL Wild Card Schedule set. Divisional and Conference schedule set. Here are all the times for the remaining NFL Playoff games.

Here is the schedule for all the wildcard, divisional and conference playoff games, including times and TV schedules.  Please check your local listings for last minute changes.  All times listed are Eastern Standard Time.


Saturday, January 8, 2010
NFC: New Orleans Saints at Seattle Seahawks  - 4:30 PM on NBC
AFC: New York Jets at Indianapolis Colts - 8:00 PM on NBC

Sunday. January 9, 2010
AFC: Baltimore Ravens at Kansas City Chiefs - 1:00 PM on CBS
NFC: Green Bay Packers at Philadelphia Eagles - 4:30 PM on FOX


Saturday, January 15, 2010
AFC: Colts or Chiefs or Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers  - 4:30 PM on CBS
NFC: Seahawks or Saints or Packers at Atlanta Falcons - 8:00 PM on FOX

Sunday, January 16, 2010
NFC: Eagles or Seahawks or Saints at Chicago Bears - 1:00 PM on FOX
AFC: Chiefs or Ravens or Jets at New England Patriots - 4:30 PM on CBS


Sunday, January 23, 2010
NFC Championship Game - 3:00 PM on FOX
AFC Championship Game - 6:30 PM on CBS

And here are the team rankings that will determine who gets home field.

1 - New England Patriots  (14-2 AFC East)
2 - Pittsburgh Steelers (12-4 AFC North)
3 - Indianapolis Colts (10-6 AFC South)
4 - Kansas City Chiefs (10-6 AFC West)
5 - Baltimore Ravens (12-4 Wild-card)
6 - New York Jets (11-5 Wild-card)

1 - Atlanta Falcons (13-3 NFC South)
2 - Chicago Bears (11-5 NFC North)
3 - Philadelphia Eagles (10-6 NFC East)
4 - Seattle Seahawks (7-9 NFC West)
5 - New Orleans Saints (11-5 Wild-card)
6 - Green Bay Packers (10-6 Wild-card)

The New York Giants (10-6) and Tampa Bay Buccaneers (10-6) will be watching from home, contemplating a move the West Coast.


  1. Yay,
    Feetsball is almost over, now on with the Baseball!! I define football as that annoying time between Baseball seasons when Sunday night T.V. gets hosed!!

  2. I'm stoked... both of my teams snuck into the playoffs with nice wins yesterday. Hopefully they'll be able to take care of business next weekend.