Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sneak Peek at part of our Contest Prize

We are getting emails asking "what is in that prize package."  Thanks to Panini, Press Pass, SAGE and Topps, it will be a great.  We don't want to give it all away just yet, so we will reveal the contents of the package one item at a time until voting is over.

So here is your first sneak peek at what will be in the prize package.  This first box comes to us thanks to Press Pass.
It's a Hobby Box of Press Pass 2011 NASCAR Racing cards. Just released this week, this box comes with 30 packs of cards and it can be bought for around $70 to $80.  For more information about this box and a checklist, you can visit their web site page using this link.

On our next reveal, we will show you one of the boxes that has been sent to us from Topps.

A quick voting update, please use the polls you see to the right side of this page to make your vote count.  Leaving a comment is not enough.   It might appear from the comments that certain cards are clearly in the lead to win but the numbers from the polls do not reflect the comments and if we were to stop the voting today, the winners might surprise you.  For more information on voting and entering the contest, use this link.

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