Tuesday, November 9, 2010

2010 Major League Baseball Collectors Edition of Monopoly released. Complaints of bias.

The newest edition of Monopoly, the 2010 Major League Baseball Collectors Edition, is available for purchase, just in time to add it to your holiday shopping list.  Instead of properties, you buy and own MLB teams.  The game pieces are World Series Trophy, Hot Dog, Hitter, Pitcher, Catcher's Mask, and a Ball in Glove.   Chance and Community Chest have been replaced with the American League and National League.  

The reason I'm writing about this is I noticed an article from The Orange County Register entitled "Angels Victims of Parker Brothers Bias"  complaining that the Angels were given the first spot on the board, normally Mediterranean Avenue, considered the worst spot because it has the lowest rent.  But after a quick look at the layout and a Wiki check to confirm my idea, it was clear this layout is completely fair. 

The teams are sorted in order of World Series wins. Then, when its a tie, its sorted by World Series appearances. In two instances, there was a tie after that. Those were sorted by which team has been in existence the least amount of time. This is why between the Jays and Marlins, both with 2 wins and appearances, the Marlins get the better spot, (Jays est 1977, Marlins est 1993) and between the D’Backs and Angels, both with 1 win and 1 appearance, the D’backs, est 1998, get the better space over the Angels, est 1961. But even the Angels space is not the worst. The eight teams who never won a World Series have to share the 4 train spots.

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