Saturday, October 30, 2010

Panini is back on the ice. They shoot, they Score!!!

Some of us remember the days when you took your allowance, went to your local candy shop or pharmacy and plunked down 30 to 45 cents for a pack of cards.  Somedays you might even pick up a two or three packs.  It was an easy purchase, nothing you had to think too heavily about.

When you ripped the packs open, instead of speeding through the cards looking for inserts, you took the time to check out the pictures on all the cards, read the stats on the back, even the trivia about the players.

Instead of placing the cards directly into penny sleeves and protectors, you might use them in a game of flipping, tossing them against a wall or throwing them on the ground.  Crazy, huh?

I still have close to 4000 1990 Donruss Baseball cards, all collected a pack at a time.  I also have plenty of Hockey cards.  No... I'm not Canadian.  You see while I love Baseball and Football, I also find Hockey to be one of the most exciting sports to watch, more so live than on TV, but most fans of the sport will tell you that.   I have original cards of Phil Esposito, Bobby Clarke, Gerry Cheevers, Denis Potvin, Marcel Dionne, Wayne Gretzky and Mark Messier to name a few.

That's why I'm really excited this year Panini is releasing 2010-11 Score Hockey. Why?  Let me make a list.

1 - 2010-11 Score Hockey should cost you about a buck a pack.  That's right, one dollar.  You wont break the bank buying these cards.  If you've never collected Hockey cards or are new to the sport, it's a great way of jumping in.  At a dollar a pack you can't miss.   But a low price point alone is not reason enough to buy anything, which brings me to my next point.

2 - These cards look fantastic.  Look for yourself.
If Donny and Marie were singing about these cards, they'd say "they're a little bit Throw Back and a little bit Rock n Roll."  The photography is clean, close enough to see the players and yet wide enough to feel some of the action of the game.  A difficult balance to strike with hockey cards because the game moves so fast and photographers have to shoot from a distance.  The graphics and design are straight forward.  They don't detract from the pictures.  Unlike some cards, the names can be clearly seen.  You might not be able to pronounce them, but you can read them with ease.

3 - There are some nice inserts.  The inserts I don't have a picture of, but wish I did because they're fabulous are called "Net Cam" with photos taken from inside the goal at the back of the net, giving you an incredible view of the goalie and opposing players trying to score.  Talk about feeling like you're on the ice.   

Then there are USA greats and Canada Greats too.
And for the rookie obsessed, there are these;
Isolated photos so you get to know these players.  Nice touch Panini.  But even at a buck a pack, there are still hits to be had, not easy to get, but they are there.  

4- I'm talking autos.  
These are truly drool worthy.  Some of the greatest players of the game and once again, clean, clean, clean.  No over done graphics to detract from the impact of the players or there signatures.  On card, hard signed autograph buybacks, not stickers.  How great is that?  These would be super to own.

5 - Did I mention they're a buck a pack?

At 500 base cards, you'll be doing a lot of collecting, but its worth it.  This is an easy purchase and an easy recommend.  Great to see Score back in the game.  It's a great set for novice and veteran collectors, and at a buck a pack, a must buy.


  1. What are the insertion rates for those auto's? I'm a Sabres fan, so that Perreault would be a nice addition to my collection, but those Roy and Hull cards are pretty awesome.

  2. A. I really like the base design... a salute to the 90/91 design... which is a classic IMO.

    B. Those buyback autographs are sweet... especially the Hull. It looks like it should be framed and hung on a wall.

    C. $1 a pack... Awesome!

    D. Great product review!

  3. the buyback autos are inserted at one per case.

    20 boxes, 36 packs per...

    good luck

  4. That sounds about right at 1 per case. I will keep an eagle eye on the singles.