Monday, December 17, 2018

2018 Topps Transcendent Collection Baseball Cards Checklist and Card Tracker

Topps Transcendent Collection Baseball Cards returns for a third straight year and remains THE  most premiere, high end case of Baseball cards available. If purchasing this $30K case is not within your reach, group breaks have just begun that could net you an individual item that could far exceed your spot price.

This year we will once again be tracking as many breaks, individual postings, aftermarket sales of 2018 Transcendent to see what has been pulled and what might still be in unopened cases. We will also, again, be contacting private collectors in hopes that they will share what they have found in their private cases.

Here is the complete checklist for 2018 Transcendent Baseball with links to eBay incase you want to try to pick up an item on the secondary market. Next to the item, we will keep updating when a 1/1 item gets pulled and track what we feel are the number of cases broken to date.

Of the original 83 cases made, we know of 53 cases that have been opened. As soon as we learn about any private cases or additional breaks, we will update this post.


Each player has a Vertical and Horizontal version of their autograph cards, except for Andy Pettitte (Vertical only) and Derek Jeter (Horizontal Only), but their cards are marked with the same checklist lettering/numbers for both orientations. This follows the same pattern as last year's Transcendent that had the same checklist lettering/numbers for both regular and photo variations of each player's auto cards. For clarity in IDing which 1/1s have been pulled, we have added vertical and horizontal to the description of the cards, but this is not an official part of the original checklist, so they will be in parentheses.

This same checklist applies for all auto parallels:

Base #/25, 
Emerald #/15, 
Purple #/10 
as well as the 1/1s we will be tracking.

Each player has two 1/1s for each card orientation:
Platinum 1/1
Red 1/1

Here are the cards that have been pulled to date.