Tuesday, January 28, 2014

2013 Topps Premier Gold Trading Cards Box Break Recap And Review

To be upfront and honest, the extend of my involvement with Barclay’s Premier League is opening some packs of 2012/2013 Topps Match Attax trading cards.  With all the sports I follow and having a pretty good local team here in Los Angeles, the Galaxy, there hasn’t been much opportunity to follow what is happening overseas.  But I have done my due diligence, trying to absorb what I can about the league and its players, so I feel somewhat prepared to offer this review of 2013 Topps Premier Gold.  I think it is fair to say fans of Association Football/Soccer will be pleased with what Topps has put together for this higher end offering.

2013 Topps Premier Gold fits very nicely into our Premium Cards category. Each hobby box contains 10 Mini-Boxes with 5 cards per mini-box and 1 Memorabilia or Autograph card in every mini-box.  For the entire master box you should pull a total of 5 Autographs and 5 Memorabilia Cards.

Here are all of the cards we pulled from our master box. (Spoiler - we pulled one of the bigger hits of this product.)