Saturday, January 15, 2011

This is your last chance to get in on our contest to win our Grand Prize.

Whether you are here for the first time and haven't entered our contest yet, or you've already entered our contest and are looking for extra chances to win, the information you need is right below.

Here are the ways to enter our contest.

1 – Everyone who follows us publicly on this blog, Facebook, Twitter or on our YouTube channel will earn an entry.  So if you follow us on all four sites, you’ll get four entries.  Follow us on three of the sites, you’ll get three entries.  If you don’t follow us, now would be a good time to do it, don’t you think?

2 – Mention our contest on your site, include a picture of the Grand Prize and put up a link to this post, email the link to allaboutcardsawards (at) yahoo (dot) com   We will verify the link and another entry is yours.

3 – For every ten friends you refer to this contest that become followers on at least one of our sites, you’ll get another entry.  How will we know you sent them?  Have them leave a comment on the site they chose to follow by either using this link on our blog, or write on our Facebook wall, or Tweet @ allaboutcards to tell us or leave a comment on our YouTube channel page saying you sent them and we will know. For clarification, each new person referred will only count once.  So if your friend winds up following us on all four sites, it will only count as one referral.

4 – Be on the lookout for opportunities every day on all four sites to get extra entries.  For example, right now there is a chance to earn an entry on Twitter if you tweet our message correctly.

Even if you have already entered our contest you can still gain extra entries using the methods listed above.  If you've never received an entry, you too can use the methods listed above.

You only have until 5:00 PM PST, Saturday, January 29, 2011 to enter.  At that point the contest will be officially closed.  By the way, no more surprises, that is final.

The Grand Prize
yep…  one person will walk away with the entire package you see here.

One box of Bowman 2009 Draft Picks, Panini 2010-11 Prestige Basketball, Panini 2010 Limited Football, Panini 2010-11 Limited Hockey, Press Pass 2011 Racing, Topps 2010 Baseball Update Series, Topps 2010 National Chicle, and Upper Deck 2010-11 Artifacts Hockey. 

Now that’s a prize I would be happy to win. 

A tremendous thanks goes out to the companies that contributed to this incredible prize.
Keep checking in for you chance to win those extra entries and for the announcements of our All About Cards' 2010 Sports Card Awards winners.   Good luck to all.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Waiting for Simone

A little eye candy before the next announcement about our Contest for Free Cards.

Hey all.  I'm in the middle of putting together the post explaining what happens next in our contest.  So while you are waiting, here's another look at our Prize Pool.  Enjoy.

We said MOSTLY over.

Hey, where did these come from?
BTW, have any of you actually seen the movie "The Princess Bride?"

The time to enter our contest is over, or at least mostly over.

It's 10:00 AM PST and you know what that means, you can no longer leave a comment with your votes on our fan favorite categories to gain an entry in our contest.  But for those of you that have followed All About Cards for a while, you know there are always surprises.  Look for further announcements later today.

And once again, thanks to Panini America and The Knight's Lance for sending us these great cards for our Prize Pool.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Want to enter our contest for free cards? Contest is coming to an end soon.

Just a reminder, you have just a few hours left to leave us a comment with who you voted for in our fan favorite categories to get an entry in our contest.  If you haven't entered our contest yet and/or voted on our fan favorite awards for the 2010 Sports Card Awards, use this link to learn how.

But do it soon.   You have until Friday, January 14th, 2011 at 10:00 AM PST   Friday we will announce how this large prize pool will be distributed.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Huge addition to our Prize Pool and Fan Voting is about to close.

A big thank you goes out to Panini America for their contribution to our prize pool for our fan favorite voting contest.  Look at this!
From the top, working our way down, its a box of Panini 2010 Limited Football.  We provided a sneak peek at some Limited cards, which you can see using this link.  We did a video break of Limited which you can catch on our YouTube channel and if you haven't subscribed to our YouTube channel, please do. You can see that video using this link, or by checking out our blog post on the break using this link.  But this is a brand new, sealed box so we have no idea what is in this one.  But we do know it should have 8 cards, 3 of which should be autograph or memorabilia cards.

The next box is a hobby box of Panini 2010-11 Prestige.  24 packs, 8 cards per pack and there should be 2 autograph and 2 memorabilia cards.   In addition, Panini has an exclusive on Kobe Bryant, so you'll only find Kobe autos in Panini Products.  We did a rack pack break of Prestige and you can see what we got using this link.

As if that weren't enough, the third box in the group is Panini 2010-11 Limited Hockey.  We haven't opened a box of these but this is a premium product with a chance to pull 1/1 cut signatures of old time greats and even hard signed cards.

Once again, a huge thanks to Panini for these premium cards and if you haven't checked out Panini's blog, The Knight's Lance, do yourself a favor and take a look.  You wont be disappointed.  And if you have a twitter account, make sure you add Panini America to your follow list, use this link to get there, you'll get updates on contests they run, one of which is going on right now.  As long as you are adding them to your follow list, why don't you add us, All About Cards, to you follow list too.  You can do that using this link.

If you haven't entered our contest and voted on our fan favorite awards for the 2010 Sports Card Awards, use this link to learn how.  But do it soon.  You have until Friday, January 14th, 2011 at 10:00 AM PST to leave us a comment with who you voted for in our fan favorite categories to get an entry.  Friday we will announce how this large prize pool will be distributed.

If you haven't voted, do it now, because the numbers are close enough that no one is a lock to win yet.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

NHL All-Star Game roster announced

If you're a Pittsburgh Penguin fan, you're going to love the roster for the 2011 NHL All-Star Game.   Sidney Crosby, Kris Letang, Evgeni Malkin and Marc-Andre Fleury were the top vote getters.  Sharing the spotlight will be Jonathan Toews and Duncan Keith of the Chicago Blackhawks and, of course, Alexander Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals.

To see a complete list of the roster and videos related to the players, use this link.

Monday, January 10, 2011

A Surprise Addition to Our Contest Prize Pool

Previously unannounced, this latest box to join our 2010 Sports Awards Prize Pool comes to us thanks to Upper Deck.
It is a hobby box of 2010/11 Upper Deck Artifacts Hockey cards.  On average, this box of premium cards contains 1 Auto, 3 Memorabilia, 2 Rookie and 1 Rookie redemption card out of its 10 packs of 4 cards.

If you haven't done it already, there is a small window of time left to vote on our fan favorite awards and gain an entry to our contest.   Details can be found using this link.